McCrory comment ties mystery United Kingdom trip to Rocky Mount industrial site

The Political Agitator response: Well reading this article it appears that something is coming to Kingsboro.

Gov. Pat McCrory dropped some strong hints Thursday about why he traveled to the United Kingdom last month for an economic development trip.

While in Rocky Mount promoting historic preservation tax credits, a reporter asked McCrory for an update on the Kingsboro Industrial Site, a 1,200-acre “megasite” there. The property is one of three in North Carolina being marketed for a major automotive plant. Would an automaker fit there, the governor was asked?

“It is perfect for it,” McCrory said. “It’s a very good site, and we’re in ongoing recruitment mode, and I won’t say anything other than that.”

But then he did.

“I don’t travel overseas for nothing, especially sitting in the back of a plane,” he said. “It’s a long flight.” (Source: Read more)

Golden LEAF earmarks $50m to help lure automaker – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: This would be awesome for Edgecombe County. Wow! Sure hope this happens because it would bring about a change for Edgecombe County.

“The Golden LEAF Board took this action to demonstrate its commitment to this emerging opportunity,” Rhyne said. “An automobile manufacturer and its suppliers can create thousands of jobs and serve as a catalyst for long-term economic advancement.”

Recently, officials in Randolph County approved plans to spend $4.2 million for the purchase of 255 acres at a megasite near Liberty. Meanwhile, a 1,818-acre site west of Siler City called the Chatham-Siler City Advanced Manufacturing Site is also vying to attract an automobile manufacturer. The site received state certification in June 2014. It is the largest site in North Carolina with certification.

Carolina Gateway Partnership officials said Edgecombe County’s Kingsboro megasite that spans more than 1,200 acres has been named an ideal location for an automaker. Frank Harrison, chairman and acting president of Carolinas Gateway Partnership, said established outside consultant companies consider the Kingsboro site the top megasite in the state and among one of the best in the Southeast. (Source: Read more)

Winning Powerball ticket sold in Shallotte, NC

The Political Agitator response: Now this is awesome! Lawd ham mercy I only got $12.00 had the powerball number x 3. Well maybe one day but in the meantime I am happy for this young lady.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – It’s official! One of the three winning tickets in the Powerball jackpot was purchased at the Scotchman on Whiteville Road in Shallotte, NC.

A woman from Shallotte has come forward with what she believes is the winning Powerball ticket from Wednesday’s drawing. A reporter who spoke with 26-year-old Marie Holmes confirms the numbers and date on her ticket match those that were drawn for the $188 million payout.

“I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I saw the ticket and checked it,” Holmes explained with a noticeable grin. The mother of four said she screamed after the winning numbers were drawn Wednesday night and ran and told her kids. “They said I scared them,” Holmes joked. (Source: Read more)

Tarboro NC – Sources Say Calvin Adkins Has Resigned From The Edgecombe Tribune

I received a text from someone asking me did Calvin Adkins resign from The Edgecombe Tribune late last night. This makes the 2nd source I have heard this from.

Calvin Adkins worked with the Tarboro Daily Southerner for many years until it shut down after giving the employees a few hours notice.

Adkins joined with a couple of folks and they started The Edgecombe Tribune. I read some of it online but could not access the whole paper online. I don’t subscribe to newspapers that I have to pay for if I can’t access it online. I was so glad when the Rocky Mount Telegram and the Wilson paper went online.

The advantage of having a Calvin Adkins working with a local newspaper is that by growing up in the town of Tarboro and has worked here all of his life even before beginning with the Daily Southerner, he knows just about everyone in the town and nearly everyone across the county. It helps when doing articles because it is more personal when you are familiar with the people, places and things. When you know folks that is a good thing because the folks area great resource to make the job much easier.

I was in Kinston yesterday evening for a funeral and was late getting back so I will try to contact Adkins today. If the article is true, I can do believe it is, Calvin will me missed in the media covering Edgecombe County.

Update: Confirmation Calvin Adkins has resigned as editor of the Edgecombe Tribune. 2/13/15 9:05 AM