Rocky Mount NC – Whig TV Very Unprofessional, Rude And Arrogant As Hell

All week I have been going to the Princeville events Monday Day 1 6:00 PM and Day 2 went to work and got off and attended the 10:00 AM event. I could not attend Wednesday Day 3 because I had to travel to Bertie County to video basketball game for high school. I attend Monday Day 4 6:00 PM. I could not attend Friday Day 4 because I had to travel to Farmville to video basketball game.

Saturday I videoed a co-workers dad’s funeral at 12 noon and then upon arriving at the Day 6 event the banquet, WHIG TV was there and set up. This unprofessional, rude and arrogant as hell white dude that I know on a personal note from his working with WHIG TV when I used to go down there a lot back in the day until I couldn’t put up with some racist over there. I really don’t believe Herb (resting in peace) was what that station has become but was surrounded by some folks whom took the station to a whole new level under the direction of Sandra whom is trying to take the station from Herb’s wife.

Back to the banquet. This dude was set up directly in front of the head table within hand reach with his back to them blocking the view of the head table of the folks whom paid their money to attend the banquet. He even had an extension cord ran from behind the head table under the table to his camera. First of all the station ought to had a couple of batteries so he would not have to run an extension cord where the head table had to walk over. Not that the camera is was using was not okay because it was one the same size as mines and they are great cameras but why didn’t Sandra send her son in law with the real tv camera to capture such an historical event. Hell they don’t care because all they want to do is to capture it, talk about Princeville negatively as they have done over the years but also have access to selling copies if someone should request a copy.

I asked the dude why was he set up in front of the head table blocking their view and the folks whom paid their monies? I said you have to move. Oh he got ignant and I got ignant too. I told him he had to move because he was blocking my view and I was getting paid to video the event. He said he was getting paid too. I said by the TV station but I am getting paid by the committee. But anyway the issue was it is very unprofessional, rude and arrogant as hell to come into a room full of black folks except a few others and think he could just disrespect this folks like that.

I will never be so ignant to go in a room full of white folks and a few others and set up in front of folks. If you see me set up in front of folks it will be only because there is not one inch of space for me to set up not blocking anyone and especially another camera person who is getting paid to video for the folks responsible hosting the event.

Not only was I videoing but I was taking photos too. So therefore this dude was all up in my way but keep in mind it won’t about me but about he being set up in front of the head table.

It was tight up in this banquet but where I came in set up I was not blocking anyone and it was enough room for him to set up in the same area. But you see the main thing for a camera man is to try to get as close to the podium so one can get a great view and sound. However one must keep in mind too that folks paid their money to attend the event so they want to be able to see what is going on and possibly want to take photos and/or record from where they are sitting.

I told this dude WHIG TV had not been to Princeville all week. Where were they this morning for the church event? Oh they don’t want to put out there what the black preachers are saying but they get on their tv station and talk about what black folks ain’t doing because of the black on black crime and murder. They will say what are black pastors and leaders saying but you see if you go to the black churches you would see and hear what they are saying.

Folks don’t allow the local TV stations WHIG TV and WNCR TV (was not present) to come in and disrespect you as you want to enjoy your event and make it comfortable for those whom paid to attend to not be disrespected also.

Ya’ll may not say anything, but I be damn if folks are going to come up in the house and disrespect me without me saying something to them.

The Ignants On Tarboro 27886 Facebook Page Just Won’t Leave Me Out Of It, But I Will Continue To Repeat Myself As Many Times As I Need To

Christine Adcock as I stated earlier I will not allow “ignant racist white folks” here to twist my words, just tell the truth. I have not posted one racist thing here and post on the facts so if you and others get mad because I ain’t scared to say what I mean and mean what I say, then so be it. But you ought to have learned by now I ain’t that “Ignant Safe Negro” that you and some others are used to dealing with evidently.

If you think for one minute my life depends on posting on this page when I have a blog, that automatically posts to my Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. I get hundreds of hits daily however I don’t care about how many folks read what I write because I am going to do what I do anyway and do not need an approval from white, black, brown nor other folks. And when you and them recognize and understand such, then the better off you will be because I ain’t goings nowhere. I know how to play by the rules and I have proved that here lots of times. The posts get removed because of the others whom get real crazy responding to me. I am a Professional and know how to bring it out.

The last post that was removed, I was lied on by a white female (obviously your aunt) that said I cursed at her when I did not, I said I was going to buy what in the hell I want to buy and she twisted the hell of that. A white male responded and said I did not curse her and he would do the same. And then they came out like some pit bulls.

One guy said I brought up race simply because I said ya’ll were talking in codes in response to poor folks topic and folks on welfare what they should not do. Because I work a real job 28 years as of January 26, 2015 and I ain’t on welfare, and I didn’t help them talk about poor folks as if wealthy folks don’t abuse the system also. Let’s talk about all folks if we going to call folks out.

Oh but again it is a code thing. LMBAO!

I didn’t stoop to ya’ll level and know how to say just enough so ya’ll can continue to show yourselves.

Again I repeat and this if for white, black, brown and other, I am a grown damn black man 52 years of age, work a real job, say what I mean and mean what I say. I don’t talk in codes and I address others by name and not that person. Bernie Mac said it so eloquently, “I ain’t scared of you …..” So get that!

Report me all you want but just maybe I will get ignant one day so that ya’ll can get me kicked off because I am damn good at what I do.

Another lie because I talk about Ignant Racist White Folks and Ignant Safe Negroes so don’t twist it.

Now Run & Tell That! Oh you did say you reported me so when I say Run & Tell That, I know what I am talking about. I am good like that!

The above is in response to the following:

The racist comments and “ignant” comments that are being called by one person is ridiculous…he constantly talks about “privelaged whites” and “ignant whites” that does make people rile up…I did reply to him this weekend (i shouldnt have) but he called my Aunt names and made inappropriate comments to her….and yes I reported him… Chistine Adcock

Black family’s $3.5 million mansion firebombed in suspected hate-crime – theGrio

The Political Agitator response: More conformation that it does not matter if you are on WELFARE, a Wealthy Negro or just living a comfortable life style there will be some white folks who will just have a problem with you anyway. So for all of you arrived Negroes whom think just because you meet the category above and look down on other Negroes whom are poor, you think you are somebody but you better recognize that although you are living the good life, you are still nobody to Ignant Racist White Folks. So don’t think you are exempt from all white folks because all white folks don’t meet this description. Don’t think all black folks love you either so don’t become an Ignant Safe Negro and act as if this mess ain’t real. Now I said all of this but I don’t know who firebombed the house and we could very well find out it was someone other than a white person, but it appears that the family feel it is a hate crime. Now that’s what up, the community came together in support of the family staying because they had begin to think they need to move out of the neighborhood.

A tire filled with gasoline was ignited and blew out the front of their house at 2:30am. The sound of the explosions woke Ronald up and he quickly got his three children and dog out of the home. He then used the garden hose to help fight the flame until firefighters arrived on the scene.

Mr. Clinton says that although he has no proof, he believes that this is a hate crime. The Clintons are a part of a small black minority in a Manhattan Beach community that is 84-percent white. They are said to be the only black family living on their street.

“And I tell you- my gut tells me this was racially motivated. And it was somebody that had the intent to harm, injure or even kill us,” Mr. Clinton said to My Fox LA. “I just know there is no other reason to target us. We have no enemies. Why us?” the pharmacist added in The Daily Breeze. (Source: Read more)

Photos/Video: Princeville NC 130th Birthday Celebration Banquet Day 6 St. Luke Church of Christ Princeville NC Saturday February 7, 2015

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In this photo Dr. Fred Woods former Mayor of Princeville
Delia Wood Perkins’ Brother

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North East Prep confronts fiscal woes – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: Well I think it is the waiting game now, wait and see how all of this unfold. I just understand how Westberg hired all of these folks but then again, yes I can it is called you owe your friends.

TARBORO – Academic performance is not the only problem facing North East Carolina Prep School.

While the charter school has been scrambling in the wake of former executive director John Westberg’s dismissal in November to improve student achievement to meet state requirements and avoid potential sanctions, financial woes also have had to be confronted.

Speculation about North East Prep’s finances has been circulating for several months, but the full scope of the situation was not known by a majority of school officials until after Westberg’s departure.

The result has been a close examination of budgetary procedures that has included diligent efforts by outside consultants to rectify the situation and get the school on a more sound financial footing.

School officials said concerns have been identified and addressed, and North East Prep’s financial fortunes have turned a relative about-face. (Source: Read more)

North Carolina Democrats pick Keever to head party as chair – WRAL 5

— The North Carolina Democratic Party is promoting the party’s No. 2 administrative leader to its top job heading into the critical 2016 elections.
Hundreds of party activists meeting Saturday at a Pittsboro high school elected Patsy Keever of Asheville as chair. She got a majority of the votes cast among the five seeking to succeed outgoing Chair Randy Voller.
Keever has been 1st vice chair since 2013. She’s been a state House member, county commissioner and two-time congressional candidate.
Keever faces challenges similar to Voller. The Democrats are in the minority in state government and North Carolina’s congressional delegation. The party is also well behind Republicans in fundraising. (Source: Read more)

Rocky Mount NC – The Political Agitator Response To School board urged to take action in wake of Instagram KKK Inspired Photo

I wonder why no one has brought that up. It was brought to my attention from someone who lives in the vacinity that KKK was written on the highway around the same time of the Instagram incident. The DCN resource said that if you go over there you can see where it was painted over. I think I seen the paint when I went to a Nash Central basketball game several weeks ago.

Now I have not stated my opinion anywhere about the so-called party hats that some have stated were attire similar to the KKK. I have not stated my opinion anywhere about the so-called hand signs that some have stated were similar to the KKK.

However I have let others talk about that and I moved beyond that to it being a school issue since the school system has said it was not a school issue. I beg the difference because for me it became about policy and procedures when the system seen a need for the girls to be escorted to their classes.

While others are focusing on their piece and others are focused on their piece, I believe it all is connected. I feel strongly that when the school system did not properly address the issue and tried to cover it up. I recognize and understand because most folks, systems and other do not want the negative publicity and sometimes hope that it just goes away.

The problem is that how this mess has been handled, some children (even) the good children have been disciplined for talking about the mess and therefore have made some decisions in which caused them to break the rules just because they were trying to show how they didn’t approve of the mess. Children were told they couldn’t talk about the mess and therefore some were afraid to go home and talk to their parent about it.

All I want and the others are for the school system is to properly address the issue publicly because on WNCRTV 41 a couple of weeks ago one of the parents of the 6 girls came on and shared his dealings with the superintendent and his story contradicts much of what the superintendent said in the newspapers.

I have sympathy for the girls whom I feel made a very bad decision to post the photo especially during the time frame of the verdict of Darren Wilson that cleared him of wrongfully killing of Michael Brown. It was stated this photo had something to do with the verdict.

If the school system wants the issue to go away all they have to do is to talk about it in a setting where they will respond instead of hiding behind their school board meetings whereby they are not obligated to respond but will freely respond to the newspaper. Hell that ain’t how it is done, they should address the persons in writing that speak to them at their board meetings in a letter to them since they choose not to respond on that night. Again policy and procedures?

It is clear the school system do not want to address the public where there can be an on the spot 2 way communication because they ain’t ready for that. You see by doing that more folks may come out that is against how they have handled this mess so therefore they would look bad so they will continue to hide just like what some would appear to be the KKK way of doing things. You see while they are in their school board meetings they may as well have on KKK attire because they are hiding behind their authority and WILL NOT address the public.

Now for all of you haters, Ignant Racist White Folks and Ignant Safe Negroes, I have shared my opinion so I challenge you to not try to discredit me because, but prove me wrong. You can’t discredit me because I am a Professional and I don’t act on EMOTIONS alone but EMOTIONS based on the facts that are before me.

“Now Run & Tell That!”

See original article in the Rocky Mount Telegram, “School board urged to take action in wake of Instagram photo”