25 years ago today, the New York Times ran its first profile of Barack Obama – VOX

The Political Agitator response: Now for all of the haters who act as if “Our” President just came on the scene 2 terms ago well here you have. He was elected President in another capacity also. The following was relevant then and damn sure is relevant today, ”The fact that I’ve been elected shows a lot of progress,” he told the Times.  ”It’s encouraging.”  But, he added, “it’s important that stories like mine aren’t used to say that everything is O.K. for blacks. You have to remember that for every one of me, there are hundreds or thousands of black students with at least equal talent who don’t get a chance.”

Twenty-five years ago today, the New York Times ran its first profile of Barack Obama.

On February 6, 1990, it announced (in a headline that’s now pretty dated), “First Black Elected to Head Harvard’s Law Review,” and explained that the 28-year-old’s new role was considered the “highest student position” at the school.

Of course, no one was using the term back them, but Obama went out of his way to make clear that his election shouldn’t be interpreted as ushering in a post-racial era on the law review staff or in the country. (Source: Read more)

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