Charter schools need more oversight – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: The issue with NECP is about effective leadership. Don’t even try to make it appear as if the NECP issue is a Public School issue. When the Public Schools do not meet the state mandate they will be sanctioned as well so until that time the Public Schools are not a part of this equation. The problem is the former E.D. I understand had issues when he came to Edgecombe County Public Schools and after the mess went down at SouthWest High School he went on to start the NECP with some folks whom had been seeking to start another school. However obviously they didn’t understand or didn’t give a damn about the children because how can you pay someone to lead when they have stated they have a problem with testing? When the supporters of the NECP recognize and understand that it is all about educating and testing, I repeat testing the children, then the better off they will be. But with the school not functioning well when they had a lot of more children and now since many have left, will they really be able to recover? Well time will tell but in the meantime ya’ll better understand that it is all about the children and not the ego of starting a new school for all of the wrong reasons. I repeat I ain’t about Charter Schools. However when one is allowed to open, then I expect it to serve it’s purpose by making sure they follow the state mandated requirements. I heard that this guy has gone to another county, will not name at the moment and is trying to do something else with education. I know not! I was totally shocked about the Lenoir county issue because I know of the person who was running the school there from being an advocate for education especially black children. I read in the paper last week about the money issue and that the school has shut down what a damn shame children had to move to another school after the school had begun instead of shutting it down before the school year began.

As administrators of charter schools in Edgecombe County, Kinston and other parts of the state are beginning to learn: Running a school isn’t as easy as it looks.

North East Carolina Preparatory School is in a tailspin. The Edgecombe County charter school has received notice from the state that it did not meet proficiency or growth requirements in the 2013-14 school year. The administration has changed since September, and leaders are scrambling to meet state requirements in each of the next two years. (Source: Read more)