The Political Agitator response: I am still trying to figure out why everyone in the school didn’t know about the academic woes because how can you work towards improvement if you don’t know about the problem? So did the outgoing Executive Director want the school to fail or should you say that was out he showed how much he loved the school? So why did they need to hire Diane LeFiles since Taro Knight was already there?

TARBORO – North East Carolina Preparatory School is making changes in the wake of a state warning that the school is in danger of receiving a “designation of inadequate performance” for not meeting mandated state standards for student proficiency or academic growth.

A vast majority of North East Prep personnel – from the board of directors to teachers – were unaware of the academic woes until new Executive Director Miles Brite brought them to the board’s attention in December.

The result has been a scramble to implement programs and put mechanisms in place to ensure the school shows academic growth for this school year to meet state mandates and avoid potential sanctions. (Source: Read more)

One thought on “NORTH EAST PREP WORKS TO BOOST PERFORMANCE – by John Carson Tarboro Weekly

  1. The Edgecombe Tribune shows where the problem really lies. What Westburg needed to understand is that he didn’t make the rules so therefore whether he like testing or not it does not matter. So some can talk about what they think the problem is however the focus should have been on the testing.

    What I find interesting is when he left SouthWest Edgecombe it was around a testing controversy. He sued Edgecombe County Public Schools and then moved on to open this school and now shortly after here we go again.

    I just hope the new director will be able to turn the school around because it is too nice of a landscape to go to waste.

    And by the way for those whom will have a problem with my post, I have family and friends that works there and some also are students. But that does not matter because I can have an opinion about anything I please.

    For me personally, the Edgecombe County Public School System was good enough for me so therefore I ain’t into charter schools. But I ain’t mad with folks whom are.

    But what I don’t understand is why some folks act as if these are a whole new set of children as if they didn’t leave the public school system and began to attend the Prep. The children don’t lead the administration does so will they survive? With a real director maybe they will get on the right track, the track it appears it was never on since the previous director didn’t think testing matter.

    Just my ignant opinion!

    From the Edgecombe Tribune

    The Public Schools of North Carolina, Department of Public Instruction issued a stern warning to North East Carolina Prep concerning the school’s performance test.

    “… You are on notice that should North East Carolina Prep School not meet the standards in 2014-2015 as set by legislation, North East Carolina Prep School will receive the designation of inadequate performance. This designation may result in the termination of your charter or initiate the competitive bid process outlined in the law.”

    The narrative is a portion of a letter dated Oct. 6, 2014 addressed to former NECP Director John Westburg, one of the founders of the school. NECP Board of Directors dismissed Westburg Nov. 6 without issuing details to the public for his termination.

    Under Westburg leadership, NECP was not an advocate for state testing. In an article published in the May 22, 2014 edition of The Daily Southerner, Westburg was quoted saying, “There is a lot of data, but there is no relevance between test scores and what a child learns throughout the year. …We’ll teach basics so our students become learners and critical thinkers. We emphasize reading, writing and basic math skills, then build from there.”

    Miles Brite replaced Westburg as the school’s new director. Brite was a principal at NECP before the promotion. He has a different approach towards testing.

    Visit the Edgecombe Tribune.


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