Why The Test Debate Is About Politics, Not Education – Education Opportunity Network

Here’s how ridiculous the nation’s obsession with standardized testing has gotten: Last week Education Week reporter Catherine Gewertz came across a news item about a school in Florida that “forbid the flushing of toilets during testing … to cut down on the distraction.” (emphasis original)

As she quoted from her news source, the school administrators feared, “The whooshing water sounds from classroom bathrooms … might disturb test-taking classmates and send their focus, and their scores, spiraling down the drain.”

Before you dismiss that as just one “over the top” anecdote, consider that the big new assessment fad sweeping the nation is to demand testing of our youngest students, the earlier the better. In Maryland, for instance, as a different article in Education Week reported, a “kindergarten readiness assessment” to see if little kids are “ready” for kindergarten has teachers worried. The exam on “language, literacy, math, science, social studies, and physical well-being” took the students “at least one hour, and sometimes more than double that.” This is not unusual, as the reporter explained, because “at least 25 states mandate a kindergarten readiness assessment and this is likely to rise.” (Source: Read more)

“Let’s Make Princeville Great Again!” 130th Year of Incorporation Oldest Town Incorporated By Blacks In America





The town of Princeville, North Carolina will celebrate its 130th year of incorporation the week of February 2- 8, 2015.  Princeville is the oldest town incorporated by blacks in America. Our rich history has brought us to a week of festivities. Our Mayor, Bobbie Jones and the Commissioners are all excited and anxiously await the celebration.   

Our desire is to bring back former citizens and honor the current.  We are planning to have activities from the youngest to the oldest citizen.  Attached for your review is a listing of our scheduled activities for the week.  


Your support in our endeavor is greatly needed.  Your kind donation(s) will initiate the beginning to a great week of historical renewal.  Please make checks payable to:  The Town of Princeville, 201 S. Main St., Princeville, NC 27886 C/O 130th Birthday Town Committee.  If you have any clarifying questions, please feel free to contact our Chair of this event:  Dr. Glenda Lawrence-Knight at 252-538-1384.



MONETARY CONTRIBUTION ___________ (amount)

Will be accepted up until the week of the event and this contribution will provide assistance with the weeks’ expense including but not limited to:  food, decorations, equipment, advertising, accolades, transportation, facilities, etc.



________$75.00 Full Page    __________$50.00 ½ Page    _______ $25.00 ¼ Page

___________$10.00 Patron names ______________Business Cards $15.00

Please be sure to attach with your check how you would like to see your ad in the Souvenir Booklet from your selection above or send to: TIPSINC6774@aol.com. 



_______ $250 to sponsor a table for the 2/7/15 Saturday banquet is available as long as they last.  Please ensure that there are tables remaining by calling the Princeville Town Hall at (252) 823-1057 or the Chair at the number above before sending money. 




Princeville 130th Birthday Committee:

Dr. Glenda Lawrence-Knight, Chair

Mr. Bobbie Jones, Mayor

Dr. Delores Porter

Commissioner JoeRoam Myrick

Ms. Yolanda Thigpen

Ms. Denese Tyson

Ms. Tyronda Whitaker






Let’s Make Princeville Great Again

February 2-8 2015

Monday, Feb 2

6PM                       Formal Opening:  Charge for Peace & Proclamation

                               Princeville Town Hall


Tuesday, Feb 3

10AM – 12PM      Senior Citizens Day

                               Princeville Senior Citizens Building


Wednesday, Feb 4

6pm-8pm             Night for Prayer

                               Princeville Town Hall


Thursday, Feb 5

6PM                      Historical Tales, Poetry & Play

                              Princeville Town Hall


Friday, Feb 6**      

6PM                      Talent/Fashion Show

                              Princeville Elementary School

                               ** Admission Fee $5.00

                                         Food items will be available for purchase…


Saturday, Feb7**
6PM                       Banquet

                               St. Luke Church

                               **$25 per Ticket or $250 per Table

Tickets can be purchased from any Birthday Committee Member or at

The Princeville Town Hall                           


Sunday, Feb 8

9AM-10AM          Praise & Prayer:  Mount Zion Church

11AM                     Church Service:   Macedonia Baptist Church





Audit: Failed charter school mismanaged taxpayer funds – AP

The Political Agitator response: All I can say is DAMN! Unbelievable!

RALEIGH — A failed Kinston charter school that mismanaged money for years got $667,000 in taxpayer funds months before it shut down, then paid the couple who headed the school $11,000 while other employees were owed $370,000, state auditors said Wednesday.

The Office of State Auditors looked into the finances of Kinston Charter Academy after it closed in September 2013. The State Board of Education is considering suing to recover state funds the school got for the 2013-14 academic year before it was shuttered and to ask lawmakers for increased financial oversight, Chairman Bill Cobey said.

“We plan to seek legislation this year to strengthen our authority in situations where a charter school is on probation for financial difficulties,” Cobey said in a prepared statement. “This would allow us to quickly cease expenditures if necessary.” (Source: Read more)

Congressman buys out showing of ‘Selma,’ invites residents – Wilson Times

Congressman G.K. Butterfield has purchased tickets for 400 people to see a free screening of the movie “Selma” on Saturday morning at Carmike Cinemas at 1501 Ward Blvd.

Residents must register online at www.gkbutterfield.com/selma. The screen “Special Sreening” should come up. Scroll to the bottom to fill in the registration.

If you are one of the 400, you will receive an email on Friday letting you know you have gotten a free ticket. If more than one family member would like to attend, each person must register separately. (Source: Read more)