5 Special Things Black People Lost When Schools Were Integrated After Brown v. Board of Education Decision – Atlantablackstar

The Political Agitator response: But the sad part folks black and white are walking around as if they don’t understand what the problem is. I have said it time and time again about how the all black schools played a major role in education, how many blacks went on to the city to get great paying jobs in the Federal Government and the White House. When I served on the Closing The Achievement Gap Committee and other committees, attended different meetings and etc. I would always say that we need to look at what worked when we had all black schools and black teachers would be one of the main things that are missing.

Effective Black Teachers Were Fired

In Black communities, desegregation lost support when thousands of teachers and principals lost jobs when their schools were closed. Jerome Morris of the University of Georgia spoke to Tilove about the impact these teachers had on their students at a huge number of these Black schools. Morris said one of the teachers was a godmother to certain students; other teachers lived in the Black community and knew the “parents and grandparents on a personal basis,” thus making them “comfortable calling or visiting the families” if a student acted up at school. (Source: Read more)


NECP receives unfavorable report – The Edgecombe Tribune

The Political Agitator response: Dang when he left South West it was around Test Scores if I remember correctly. But I think he sued and supposedly won and then started this school and now where is he? Oh well! When we understand we must follow policies and procedures then we will be better off. Although we may not like the rules, we must abide by them until they change.

The Public Schools of North Carolina, Department of Public Instruction issued a stern warning to North East Carolina Prep concerning the school’s performance test.
“… You are on notice that should North East Carolina Prep School not meet the standards in 2014-2015 as set by legislation, North East Carolina Prep School will receive the designation of inadequate performance. This designation may result in the termination of your charter or initiate the competitive bid process outlined in the law.”
The narrative is a portion of a letter dated Oct. 6, 2014 addressed to former NECP Director John Westburg, one of the founders of the school. NECP Board of Directors dismissed Westburg Nov. 6 without issuing details to the public for his termination. (Read more)