Just Received A Call From The Most Faithful Supporter Mrs. Elizabeth Ohree Rocky Mount NC That Has Encouraged Me Over The Years To Be All That I Can Be

I was glad to hear from my most faithful supporter Mrs. Elizabeth Ohree whom I met years ago in the early 90’s through the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. Because she liked how I presented myself during the meetings, she asked me to come to her house to share my knowledge with her because she was a precinct chair. I used to be a mentor for her by attending her precinct meetings and several others in the area because I appeared to be knowledgeable of the Democratic Party Plan of Organization. They seen that I did my homework and was able and willing to help them understand what was required of them.

Years later when Mrs. Ohree began attending the NAACP it appeared that I was knowledgeable of the By-laws and the Constitution so again I helped her to understand the workings of the NAACP. I encouraged Mrs. Ohree to stop paying a yearly membership fee to the NAACP and to pay towards becoming a life fully paid member as I was doing. Mrs. Ohree ended up receiving her life membership plaque before I did and she was tickled to death.

In 2005 in Greensboro NC during the NAACP State Conference of Branches Convention Mrs. Ohree nominated me to be on the Elections Supervisory Committee. I did not go to the convention with any intentions to do that but she told me that evening that she was going to nominate me and I won. This is the same year that Rev. Al Sharpton was there and also the same year that Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II was elected as our State President. And boy we had to fight the old guards but I will never forget how Valeria Woodard (now deceased) and I put on a fight to make sure the election process was carried out properly because it was so crazy mess going on. Rev. Barber appointed me to serve as the NAACP State Publicity Chair for the following 2 years.

Mrs. Ohree would tell me all the time that her daughter would tell her that my head was going to explode one day because of all the knowledge as it related to activism.

Mrs. Ohree has always called me even since she has gone into the inactive stage due to not getting out at night and etc. She is atleast 90 years old and still looks good and sound good. I miss her not being at the meetings but I just hope I live a long life as her and to be in as good of a shape as she is in. Just having her right mind at that age is something that I would long to live for if I should make it to the 90 mark.

Mrs. Ohree got it, support young folks, encourage them to be all they can be. I have always respected older folks and spent more time with them because I realized where the knowledge and wisdom was. This is why I have encouraged younger folks to be all they can be. You see I recognize and understand that if we support younger folks they can bring in younger folks.

Because of my most faithful supporter Mrs. Elizabeth Ohree along with some others, I am proud to be where I am today as it relates to being a Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP and has served in several capacities in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party.

Mrs. Ohree is always calling me thanking me for assisting her over the years and she is always saying I should be in Raleigh. But I thank her for encouraging a young man motivating me to do more. If we had older folks who especially 40 plus years older and willing to listen to younger folks, oh what a better world this would be.

Thank you Mrs. Elizabeth Ohree for being my most faithful supporter.

Homegoing Celebration For Curtis Lynch Conetoe NC

My condolences goes out to Gerry (Butch) Lynch, Fostina Lynch and the entire family of the late Curtis Lynch Conetoe NC.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Know that I am just a phone call away.

Song: Praying For You – William Murphy

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Audio Only: Moving Forward TV Host Bronson William Interview One Of 6 White Parents Involved In KKK Instagram Photo Tell His Side Of The Story Monday January 26, 2015 9:00 PM

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I stated from day one when I heard about the incident that I wondered what did the parents have to say without being quick to judge the parents for the girls ignant moment in history. I didn’t think the girls had done anything to be suspended but I felt something should have been done when it became a school issue. Since what the girls had done happened off campus but escalated into unrest at the school, when the school re-opened after the Thanksgiving Holiday the interruptions began so for me that made it a school issue. But that is just my ignant opinion.

It appears to me that the school’s principal, the superintendent and the board have all failed to do what could have really been a teachable moment but since the superintendent seemed to have been in control of the situation it has really been an un-teachable moment.

Listen carefully to the interview by one of the fathers of the 6 girls to see what happened as it pertains to how he wanted to address the issue at hand but was not allowed to do so.

Photos/Video: Rev. Andre Knight Messenger Men’s Day St. Mark AME Church Rocky Mount NC Sunday January 25, 2015 11: 00 AM

Ignant Safe Negroes and Ignant Racist White Folks that say that black folks don’t talk about black on black crime and other. You see the media don’t come in record these services so they don’t show that side of black folks. Watch this video, “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

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