Officials want citizens to know their rights – Rocky Mount Telegram

Local officials are taking a proactive approach to nationwide encounters between police and the public by hosting an informative presentation on Thursday.

“In light of recent events going on across the country, we want to be as proactive as possible in engaging the community and building trust with the citizens,” Rocky Mount police Community Resource Officer Brad Summerlin said.

Know Your Rights: The Law and You will be at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Rocky Mount City Council Chambers at City Hall, 331 S. Franklin St. Officials from the police department, authorities from Nash and Edgecombe sheriff’s departments, the city’s Human Relations Commission and local attorneys will work together to discuss a variety of topics related to people’s rights. (Source: Read more)


Butterfield: New Black Caucus Chair Talks Black Agenda + Strategy – Crew of 42

If you were the new Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) beginning your time as Chairman when the first Black President of the United States was in his last two years, what would your plan be?

If you were Chair at a time when Republicans held a record number of House seats — the most since 1928 — and the stats for Black Americans were getting worse, what would your plan be?  If that first Black President on his way out the door wasn’t all that excited about Black agenda items and rarely connects with members of Congress, what would be the plan?

These are the questions that the new Black Caucus Chairman, Congressman G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina, has to confront over the next two years.  Presidential politics have already begun to take the stage at the start of 2015 as a lame-duck President notorious for not connecting with members of his own party in Congress begins to announce policy objectives. (Source: Read more)

When Folks Learn Who The NAACP Is Then The Better Off They Will Be

“When folks white, black, brown and other learn who the NAACP is then the better off they will be. The NAACP is not local president, state president and/or the national president. You see the NAACP was in place before any of the people serving in these capacities were born and will be in place when these folks no longer exist. So while you are mad as hell with certain folks because they speak truth to power, you will be mad as hell all the days of your life because even when these folks do not hold these offices, the mission will not change and the mission will continue to be carried out.” Curmilus Dancy II 2nd Vice President Rocky Mount NC Branch/Life Fully Paid Member Sunday January 11, 2015

I Know Some Folks

Because I got involved in community activism and political activism in the late 80’s not because I was having problems, but because I wanted to be a voice for the voiceless ie: children and the elderly I know some folks across the state.

I haven’t been to meetings across the state over the last I don’t know how many years that I didn’t know many of the folks in the room.

On last Saturday, January 3rd I was in Bertie County Ahoskie and Windsor NC covering the swearing in/inaugural for NC Senator Erica Smith-Ingram and I was in the presence of several folks whom I met years ago.

On yesterday Saturday January 10th I was in my home area Edgecombe County Rocky Mount NC covering NC House Rep. Shelly Willingham’s swearing in ceremony and folks from several counties were present. I knew many of them.

I feel so good when I go places and be in the presence of folks I have met over the years whom are trying to make NC a better place to live, work and play.

If you are reading this and you live outside of Edgecombe County, I want to say it was good being in your presence over the past 2 weekends and I will probably see you next month as I travel to Raleigh to cover the HKonJ.

So Patricia Ferguson Bertie County, Fred Yates, James Sears Perquimans County, Rep. Larry Hall Durham, Ronnie Smith Martin County, Mary Williams and Ann Huggins Pitt County, Peter Grear Wilmington NC, N Carnell Robinson Dunn NC, to name a few, until we meet again.

The Kochs’ Very Profitable War On Busses and Mass Transit – Politicususa

Anyone even remotely familiar with the Koch brothers is aware the billionaire oil magnates are pro-anything that translates into more personal profits for themselves, and anti-anything that does not explicitly advance their business interests and increase their wealth. Inherent in increasing their wealth is promoting policies and agendas that force Americans to buy more gasoline which is why there is a dearth of options to driving a car on this sad country’s pitiful roads,  and why America’s mass transit systems lag the rest of the civilized world. Whether it is paying Republican governors, state legislators, or congressional representatives the Kochs are behind every last effort to kill alternatives to driving. They have successfully blocked several states’ high speed rail projects, and obstructed community progress on bike lanes, light rail, bus rapid transit, or urban communities’ “walkability” factor; any mode of transportation that keeps Americans from driving cars and purchasing gas. (Source: Read more)

Supreme Court rejects new challenge to Obamacare law – RawStory

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up another broad challenge to President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.

The court rejected an appeal filed by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and the Alliance for Natural Health USA. The groups had challenged various aspects of the law known as Obamacare including the so-called individual mandate that requires people to obtain health insurance or pay a tax.

In March 2014, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled in favor of the Obama administration. In 2012, a district court judge also ruled against the challengers.

The 2010 healthcare law has been subjected to numerous legal challenges, including a key 2012 case in which the Supreme Court upheld the bulk of the law on a 5-4 vote. (Source: Read more)

NC education department used Koch-funded group for proposed history lessons – News & Observer

State high school social studies teachers would be encouraged to use curriculum materials prepared by an institute funded by the conservative Koch family, under a proposal the Department of Public Instruction presented Wednesday.

The Bill of Rights Institute, based in Virginia, had a $100,000, sole-source contract with the state to help develop materials for teachers to use in a course on founding principles that the state requires students to take. The institute was founded in 1999 and receives grants from David H. Koch, the Charles Koch Foundation, and the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation, according to a website on Koch family philanthropies. (Source: Read more)