Party Hats? So The Girls Over At Nash Central High School Said Their Hats Were Party Hats! What Do You Think?

Now those girls over at Nash Central that said they were wearing party hats, well will someone tell them they should have just purchased some party hats like these folks but just maybe they didn’t have any money so they had to make their own. Now I don’t know how to justify the sign language so I can’t touch that. But when I seen these party hats where these folks were celebrating the new year, the party hats celebrating Darren Wilson Ferguson Police Officer being cleared of any wrongdoing in the Michael Brown case, I had a flashback. Okay, I am just having an ignant moment!

Now back to the regular scheduled programming. Did I say programming? Well some black folks have been programmed when it comes to dealing with racial issues so I better leave this alone. Oh hell no, I am going to talk about the ugly racism that exist at all levels until I can’t talk anymore.

Male Party Hat






Female Party Hat

Nash Central KKK Image
Students outraged over photo posted to Instagram


Today I Have The Honor And Privilege To Video The Homegoing Celebration For Mother Martha Lee Maye Whom Will Be Buried On Her Birthday

imageToday I will be doing what I love to do documenting history. Today I will be videoing the Homegoing Celebration For Mother Martha Lee Maye Greenville NC at Anderson Chapel Missionary Baptist Church 2:00 PM with Pastor Malcolm E. Lewis Officiating. Some will say this is a sad occasion however today is another day that the Lord has made so we need to rejoice and be glad in it no matter what the situation may be. We all know that as sure as we are born we are going to die and we have no control over when our time will come.

I want to thank the Maye family for allowing me to be a part of the Homegoing Celebration as I will document this day in history that will be able to be passed on to future generations. The family members who could not make it on this day, the family members whom are too young to remember this day and future generations will get to see the family members whom were present.

The Maye family some of you may not wanted to video this Homegoing Celebration but I trust that when you go back and look at the video and the photos you will see all the family and friends that was present to support you on this day but you didn’t get to see them because you won’t see everyone. But most of all you will enjoy the remarks, the singing and the message from the Pastor as he bring words of comfort to the family and to send a message to the living to prepare themselves as he reminds them their day is coming.

Again I thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Homegoing Celebration for your mother, grandmother, sister and aunt.

Note: To anyone who may read this.

If you want to capture a family member’s homegoing on video and photo please contact me at (252) 314-5484 or send an email to You will be glad that you did. I have people asking me did I video their family members homegoing and I have to tell them that no I didn’t because I don’t go around videoing funerals without the family’s permission.

Exposing the charter school lie: Michelle Rhee, Louis C.K. and the year phony education reform revealed its true colors – Salon

The Political Agitator response: This is quite interesting.

Since it’s the time of the year when newspapers, websites and television talk shows scan their archives to pick the person, place or thing that sums up the year in entertainment, business, sports or every other venue, why not do that for education too?

In 2014 education news, lots of personalities came and went.

Michelle Rhee gave way to Campbell Brown as a torchbearer for “reform.” The comedian Louis C. K. had a turn at becoming an education wonk with his commentary on the Common Core standards. Numerous “Chiefs for Change” toppled from the ranks of chiefdom. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett went down in defeat due in part to his gutting of public schools, as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker remained resilient while spreading the cancerous voucher program from Milwaukee to the rest of the state. (Source: Read more)

“If You Are Scared, Say It!” Rev. Al Sharpton Speech In Greensboro NC 2005

Now it is 2015 and I am reposting this from 2013. Ten years later we are still dealing with Faith Based Pimps, Gay Marriages and other issues that were going on before President Barack Obama was elected. But he has been blamed for all of the mess that is going on today.

Every now and then I go back and view this video and I get pumped up again and again because I know what is real and what is perceived.

In 2013 if you are scared say it, sit down, shut up and get the hell out of my way.

I dare you to listen to this speech by Rev. Al Sharpton that I recorded in Greensboro NC in 2005.

Rev. Al Sharpton Speech


Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year to everyone. It is good to be alive because it could have been the other way.

We are living in a time where human relations seems to be at an all time low. But I will continue to do what I do being actively engaged in what is going on around me. I will use Social Media to be educated about what is going on around me and I will educate others about what is going on around us.

I don’t play games when it comes to dealing with people lives so in other words I don’t play when it comes to politics and other avenues whereby people are making decisions on behalf of others.

I don’t condone criminal activity be it committed by black folks, white folks, politicians, law enforcement and others.

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against.

So if you don’t like what I have to say on my Blog, Facebook, Twitter and LikednIn accounts then you have options.

Folks in Edgecombe/Nash Counties and across the nation are getting ready to gear up for the Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Holiday attending marches and banquets. You need to know that that is ceremonial so if you want to be about Dr. King’s Dream, then march on down to the school board meetings and other governmental meetings in your county. And then in February go to Raleigh and march with the NAACP and Partners as we host the Moral March on Raleigh & HKonJ People’s Assembly.

I am so sick and tired of folks getting on Social Media talking as if they are doing so damn much but I have seen them do absolutely nothing. But maybe I have when it was something that was personal to them.

It has never been all about me and when I joined the NAACP, the Democratic Party and other organizations over the years, it was because I wanted to be a voice for others who were ignant to what is going on around them and/or afraid to speak up for whatever reason.

So when I say Happy New Year, I really mean it but I can’t be happy when others around me are suffering more than I. So I challenge able body folks to get involved and let’s unite to make our communities a better place to live, work and play. Everyone has a role to play and when we recognize and understand that, then a change will come.

So what are you going to do in this New Year as it relates to dealing with human relations and politics? Well you may say you ain’t getting into politics. Okay fine but know that folks will continue to make decisions on your behalf whether you speak up or get involved or not. I refuse to allow others to do such and I not get involved.

If you don’t think human relations and politics are something that affect us all, then you are out of touch with what is going on around you. If you don’t know you better ask somebody.

Curmilus Dancy II
Community & Political Advocate
Precinct Chair
2nd Vice President Rocky Mount Branch
Life Fully Paid Member NAACP
Partner HKonJ