Black Lives Matter And Hell Yeah Cop Lives Matter Too But Let’s Get To The Root Of Why We Are Having These Discussions

My question is as it relates to folks whom want to make it appear that the majority of the people are against cops. I find that to be too ignant! I strongly feel that out of all the conversations I have read and heard, that one thing that is not being said is, is there a problem within the police department among the behavior of the white, brown, black and other officers. I don’t see the conversation really being about being anti-cop but all about how some cops have made it bad for all just like some blacks who commit black on black crime have made it bad for all blacks.

So I strongly feel that the discussions such as cops lives matter and black lives matter, until everyone be straightforward and get to the root of why we are having this discussion then nothing will change.

I support black lives matter and cops lives matter because I am for justice no matter who it is for or against.

Now as it relates to cops, the problem is this is not new to me because over the years there have been some issues within the police departments whereby even fellow cops were killed by another cop because of the ignant behavior within departments across the USA. It is not new to me how police departments across the USA have bullied certain folks so now the police department across the nation is in the spotlight.

So just saying cops lives matter ain’t going to fix the problem without getting to the root of the problem and addressing it.

To think that black folks are against police departments across the nation when there are black polices is just too ignant. But what kind of discussion would we be having if it was black polices who are in the news daily where they have beat up and/or killed whites when it seemed that the situation didn’t have to end up where the white person needed to be beat or killed?

This is just my ignant opinion but I challenge anyone to show me where there is not any validity to what I have stated.

Now Run & Tell That!


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