Don’t Let Them Make a Cop Killer the Face of the Movement – The Root

The Political Agitator response: When will “they” stop putting all black folks in the same category? I am for justice no matter who it is for or against so I do not condone what this guy did and do not condone any criminal activity. I am all about the movement but a non-violent movement.

The deaths of two New York City police officers are tragic. They were two men of color who likely experienced the realities of a racist society and were unjustifiably slain. Ismaaiyl Brinsley killed Asian-American and Hispanic-American officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos by shooting them at point-blank range while they sat in their police vehicle Saturday, then took his own life. Before killing the cops, Brinsley shot his ex-girlfriend, 29-year-old Shaneka Nicole Thompson, in Baltimore, leaving her wounded.

In the wake of these brutal cop killings, there is the potential to use this event to invalidate and disempower the momentum of the current movement for racial justice. Because of Brinsley’s anti-police social media rants, the New York City police union leader is attempting to represent Brinsley’s actions as a reflection on the entire movement and to add credence to the narrative that police are the real victims in urban communities. (Source: Read more)

Nashville NC – In Response To The Song Made In Response To The White Girls Posted On Instagram That Some Feel Is KKK Activity

Someone had posted on The Rocky Mount Telegram about a rap song in response to the white girls that attend Nash Central High School whom posted the photo on Instagram after the verdict for Darren Wilson in Ferguson Missouri. The photo appears to be similar to KKK activity. Today December 22, 2014 around 5:15 PM this is the first time I have seen the link and heard the song. It has been said why the NAACP, others and myself have not condoned the song? Well I can’t have a true opinion on something that I have not heard and obviously those whom I have talked to had not either or atleast had not shared it with me nor have I seen it posted anywhere until I seen it in the comment on The Rocky Mount Telegram article, “NAACP to lead talk on KKK picture.”

I don’t listen to rap music or whatever this is called on my radio and I have Sirius XM Radio in my car nor do I buy it. First of all I can’t get past the hardcore cussing however I will admit I could live with the instrumental version of the songs I have heard when it comes to rap. I will not share the link because I don’t do hardcore cussing using the F-word and the N-word.

Now back to the song, damn it started out raw and after about a minute or 2 I said I can’t listen to this. But then I said I have to since this is a part of the discussion that is going on so I listened to it a couple of times. The song in retaliation to the girls I do feel warrants a discussion but a real and true discussion as it relates to all of the words and not what is perceived.

This is what rappers do hard core rap. They make songs about what is going on around them. What I heard was a song that is the norm when it comes to rappers however folks can relate to this song because it specifically addresses the girls and no one has to guess who and what they are talking about. Again this is what rappers do.

Okay after listening to the song and for someone who has listened to the song, I would love to hear your questions to me about any and all of the parts of the song that you have a problem with. I will address them from what I got out of listening to the song.

I will wait patiently on the questions.

I don’t do rap music so this is not the norm for me to listen to and to give my opinion of a rap song but I am willing to do so.

Question/s please?