Student arrested for bringing four loaded guns and more than 600 rounds of ammo to school – CBS 6

The Political Agitator response: It takes some time to load this up into a vehicle I would think. I would think more than one trip to and from. But why would he act as if he was going to do something or get ignant with the principal and the police because what good would that had done? I don’t know what his plans were but I do know that he could have done some damn serious damage somewhere be it the school or wherever with all of that ammo. But an 18 year old with all of that, whey did he get that stuff from legally?

MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Va. — A Middlesex High School student was arrested after investigators found  four loaded guns, knives and more than 600 rounds of ammunition inside his SUV parked outside the school Friday, according to Middlesex County Sheriff’s investigators.

Police said they found the weapons in 18-year-old Austin James Martin’s SUV while they used drug dogs to conduct a sweep in the school’s parking lot.  The guns, investigators said, were scattered about the vehicle.

Middlesex weapons

Both the school superintendent and Middlesex Sheriff’s Officials said there was no indication Martin planned to attack the school. They said he was very cooperative when he was brought to the front of the school to asked about the weapons. (Source: Read more)

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