Bladenboro NC: March merely serves NAACP’s own cause – Bladen Journal

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and the state members would not have been in town if they had not been invited by the family. The State NAACP do not go into towns without being invited to do so by local chapter and the families/individuals whom seek their support.

I find the entire article to be quite interesting however I find the following to be very interesting:

“Tomorrow’s show of intimidation cloaked under the guise of honoring the family and memory of Lacy will go on as planned, and we again hope it goes off without a negative hitch. But we wonder when this country will finally move past the existence of such a divisive group that openly stirs the very racism it claims to be trying to stop.

And finally, we hope young Lennon Lacy will be allowed to rest in peace soon.”

Intimidation? So why be intimidated if ya’ll have all the answers since you say that you are certain the investigation shows that there is no need for more investigations.

Who are “We” when you say, “But we wonder when this country will finally move past the existence of such a divisive group that openly stirs the very racism it claims to be trying to stop.”

First of all the NAACP does not stir racism. It is just that some folks like you have a problem when black folks question white folks, the system and/or etc.

The NAACP works through their mission and if you had read their mission statement before you wrote this mess you would not make yourself look so ignant.

When was the last time a white man was hung in Bladenboro and/or any town in NC?

The issue for me is that the people of Bladenboro who questions this incident need to be able to rest in peace here on earth as well. How can they rest when they have questions about a black male being hung when anyone in their right mind knows it ain’t normal for black folks to hang themselves nor being hung by another black person. (Reference: Bladen Journal)

Nashville NC – SCHOOL DISTURBANCE (Nash Central High School)

The Political Agitator response: So what do you think? If this had been some black students do you think this would have been treated differently?

Nash Central High School and social media have been taken by storm because of an offensive photograph that was posted on the internet by fellow students. The picture that was posted on social media was very disturbing to a large quantity of students all over the Nash Rocky Mount Public School system, as well as parents, and the community. What really made this picture catch the public eye, was that this picture was released around the same time the Mike Brown verdict was announced. The ladies in the picture appear to be wearing all white and holding up “gun gestures” with their hands. People immediately associated this picture with the “KKK” group, due to pointy hats and white attire, and many people became irate about the picture. On social media, where the picture was posted, one of the ladies in the picture said that the hats were simply “party hats”. (Source: Read more)

Washington Pam Packs Defeated By East Lincoln During Football Championship Game

Northern Guilford defeats Weddington 14-7

Crest defense makes statement to win title

East Lincoln takes 2AA title

Shelby repeats 31-7

Robbinsville takes 1A Championship