WATCH: ‘I Can’t Breathe’—Congressman’s Incredible Tribute to Eric Garner on House Floor – AlterNet

Wednesday night, a grand jury in New York City refused to indict police officers in the killing of Eric Garner, a man who died after officers used a prohibited chokehold on him. The decision set off protests across the country.

Some in Congress have already expressed their solidarity with Garner and other victims of police brutality. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), the sponsor of legislation to curb police militarization, made a moving tribute to Garner, speaking about police militarization and including the phrase, “I can’t breathe” between each statement—the phrase  Garner said as his life was choked away, and which has since become a rallying cry for protesters. (Source: Read more)

It Ain’t All About The Children, All Adults That Come In Contact With Them Play A Role In How They Act

There are many components when it comes to children and it ain’t all about the parents. Some parents are real parents and some are not for whatever reason they keep them from being real parents. Those who come in contact with children must set good examples for them.

Parents you can teach your children to do what is right but when an adult come in contact with them such as teachers, coaches and others in authority they can do things that make the child confused. For example a parent can teach a child to respond to adults but when they question them the child may respond to them in a way that the adult do not agree with them and then they may punish the child.

So my point is, everybody has a role to play. I know my role, do you know yours? I know my children, do you know yours? Do you know what adults that your children come in contact with are doing to them to make them do some things that they are doing negatively? Ask your children how things are going and you may be shocked to know what is going on with them. Just may be something that another adult is doing to them to make them like they are.

Video: Michelle Jordan Pulled Over for Driving with Cellphone, Brutally Beaten by LAPD Officers – Opposing Views

The Political Agitator response: I totally agree with Lu. When it hits home then folks will have a different outlook at what is going on with what is being done to black folks.

Lu Nettles See this is how it goes down. If you sit by and watch these bad things happen to other people and (so you think) other races, know this it is on it’s way to your doorstep too. NO ONE of ANY RACE should be treated like this PERIOD. Mofo beating up a defenseless woman and celebrating SMDH

A woman was brutally beaten by two Los Angeles Police Department officers after she was pulled over for using her cellphone on August 11. Video of the incident was captured by surveillance cameras.

Officers followed Michelle Jordan, 34, into a Del Taco restaurant parking lot. According to the Los Angeles Times, they told her to stay in her car, but Jordan refused and began arguing with them. The officers immediately knocked her to the ground.

Jordan was handcuffed and able to stand up after the body slam, but the beat down wasn’t over. The officers body slammed her again moments later when she was standing by the patrol car. (Source: Read more)

Missouri AG confirms Michael Brown grand jury misled by St. Louis DA

The Political Agitator response: I know everybody ain’t as ignant as the DA was. Anyone who seen how the the Grand jury was handled know that that mess won’t right and if they say it was, then they are in denial or just don’t give a damn about justice. It is all about the process and nothing to do with the people involved. The color of the people can change but the damn process should always be the same.

Subsequent to a previous report from Lawrence O’Donnell, the Missouri Attorney General has confirmed with “Last Word” that instructions given the Michael Brown grand jury describing the police “use of force” laws was incorrect and misleading.

Video from Program

The background of this situation: Lawrence O’Donnell reported that after reviewing the transcripts of the grand jury, his analyst discovered that the assistant district attorneys working for Bob McCulloch gave the jurors an outdated copy of Missouri law, which stated all that was required for an officer to use deadly force is their “reasonable belief” that there was a threat.

In 1985, in Tennessee v. Garner directly before Darren Wilson’s testimony giving the impression that all that was required under the law for Wilson to kill Michael Brown with impunity was his belief that he was in danger, without the additional requirement of probable cause for such a belief.

The Missouri AG now proclaims that was wrong, and that the Missouri Law needs to be changed and updated to reflect the Supreme Court’s ruling. (Source: Read more)