Historians Drop A Truth Bomb On CNN: Obama Has Already Built His Legacy – Politicususa

CNN’s Candy Crowley tried to spin Obama as an unpopular president coming down the homestretch of his second term, but she was quickly straightened out by a panel of historians who discussed the fact that the president still has plenty of juice left.

CROWLEY: So, he said in jest, sort of. Here is a man who, for six years, has made no secret about the fact that he doesn’t like either the rhythms or the rituals of Washington, D.C. So, he has two years left. Can a man who doesn’t like the rituals or the rhythms of Washington, D.C., make good on those last two years? Put it first – put it into history for me. Who has made good? (Source: Read more)

Ferguson Missouri: SWAT Police Caught Setting Fires In Ferguson? Unbelievable!

Now this is quite interesting. Unbelievable! They would not do something like this.

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Ferguson Missouri: Possible Missteps In Ferguson Investigation

The Political Agitator response: Now let’s talk about this!

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: White People Feel Targeted by the Ferguson Protests — Welcome to Our World

White Americans feel like they are being singled out because of the color of their skin rather than any actions they’ve taken. That’s how black people feel. Every. Single. Day.

In 1971, a riot broke out at the Attica Correctional Facility in New York during which prisoners demanded more political rights and better living conditions. About 1,000 inmates out of 2,200 took control of the prison, holding 42 staff members hostage. Negotiations went on for days before state police stormed the prison, resulting in 43 deaths. Attica has since become a pop culture reference in movies, songs, and TV shows. Even children’s shows like SpongeBob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Sabrina: The Teenage Witch have referenced it. The word “Attica” is no longer about what happened in that prison 43 years ago, but is now simply a synonym for political oppression. (Source: Read more)

Rep. Larry Hall Show Talk Back Sunday Morning Talk Show On FM 104.3 10 AM – 11 AM

Ferguson Missouri discussion about the Michael Brown Grand Jury verdict. A retired police officer talking about what should have taken place at the murder scene.

Good information from this law enforcement officer.

He talked about all of the mistakes from the scene all the way up to the Governor’s office. I say it again, so many folks are focusing on Black on Black crime and the looting and don’t want to talk about the real facts that will either justify or not not justify whether Officer Darren Wilson acted properly.

Until folks decide they are going to deal with making sure law enforcement follows their own policies and procedures then nothing is going to be accomplished. But Ferguson authorities are keeping the folks distracted so they will not have to respond to the real questions.

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Where Do We Go After Ferguson? – New York Times

The Political Agitator response: I am going to continue to do what I do and have been doing since the late 80’s being and advocate for justice. I just wish I could retire from my day job and do what I do on a full time basis versus.

WASHINGTON — WHEN Ferguson flared up this week after a grand jury failed to indict the white police officer Darren Wilson for killing the unarmed black youth Michael Brown, two realities were illuminated: Black and white people rarely view race in the same way or agree about how to resolve racial conflicts, and black people have furious moral debates among ourselves out of white earshot.

These colliding worlds of racial perception are why many Americans view the world so differently, and why recent comments by President Obama and the former New York City mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani cut to the quick of black identity in America.

From the start, most African-Americans were convinced that Michael Brown’s death wouldn’t be fairly considered by Ferguson’s criminal justice system. There were doubts that the prosecution and defense were really on different teams. The prosecutor, Robert McCulloch, looked as if he were coaching an intramural scrimmage with the goal of keeping Officer Wilson from being tackled by indictment. (Source: Read more)

Ferguson Missouri: Yara Allen Report From Ferguson Along With The North Carolina NAACP Delegation And Others

The Political Agitator response: Absolutely! Nobody can tell people’s story like they can tell their own, but, there ARE some dedicated journalists who will.

Yara Allen said: …and there you have it, folks. People have been saying it all along, “Don’t believe the hype.” Nobody can tell people’s story like they can tell their own, but, there ARE some dedicated journalists who will. Go there, whoever you are, with your compassion, your cameras, and your determination to tell the real stories; go there and see to it that this does not get swept under the proverbial rug. Help them tell their stories. PLEASE. God bless the foot soldiers who risk life and limb to see justice done.

WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! We’re home safely, y’all…thanks for the love and concern. There is soooo much that I could tell you but just know these two things:

1. Don’t believe everything you see on the media outlets. Being there in the community where Mike Brown was killed and spending time with the people (AFTER THE CAMERAS LEFT) really opened our eyes to things that mainstream media isn’t catching on film…so we don’t see what’s REALLY going on. The people are genuinely hurting, scared, angry, fed up and fired up and they aren’t going away quietly. Still…there are things happening to them that the cameras don’t catch.

2. Rev. Barber is…AMAZING! We went in with about 180 people or more, including the national NAACP President, Cornell Brooks, and the local NAACP. There were people from other states as well. News cameras were everywhere!!! Many residents (not all) got very angry and hurled insults at us claiming that we were there for our 15 minutes of fame! It got pretty bad. Long story short, when the marchers and the media left..who stayed? Right…Rev. Barber and four more of us from NC NAACP. What we saw was nothing short of a miracle. The insults were still coming from about 10 really angry people. About 25 minutes went by and Rev. Barber began walking around the memorial…slowly…praying in silence. After about the fourth time around, the residents began to get silent and join in and we completed 7 times around. It calmed the people and opened the way for discussion, which started with “energy”. They were soon comfortable with the fact that we weren’t there for the cameras. Rev. Barber listened to them and talked with them. The loudest “heckler” ended up embracing and thanking him for being there! I heard him tell Rev. Barber as they embraced, “Old school, I’m sorry man if I turned you off with my language…but I’m angry” We shared hugs, stories and promises to meet again. Sisters hugged me and I apologized on behalf of all of those who have exploited their pain…even if those who have done that never apologize, I felt that the residents were owed that much. One older lady called me down on the steps where she was sitting. She embraced me and laid my head on her shoulders and we….just…cried. I looked over to see the crowd around Rev. Barber, still listening, and thanking him again. Then, out of concern for us, they asked us to leave before 5:00….not out of fear that residents would harm us, we had bonded with them at that point. I won’t go into details about it, not just yet…but this is why I say, don’t believe everything you see on t.v..

May (God) bless the people of Missouri.
May (God) continue to bless Rev. Barber and the NC NAACP team as well as others who are not exploiting the pain of the people for their own self interests