Structural and Institutional Racism Exists Within Police Forces – The New York Times

The Political Agitator response: I totally agree! This was a very good article. But I really love the comments about the role of the Grand Jury but folks who want don’t want real justice don’t talk about the real issue at hand but continue to do everything they possibly can to justify killing black folks.

The Ferguson grand jury operated in an unorthodox way in the Darren Wilson case: The prosecutor, Robert McCullough, presented all the evidence and then took a hands-off approach designed to shift responsibility for securing an indictment from himself – the government – to a group of citizens. That’s not a legal failure, that’s politics.

Police officers are so rarely held accountable for killing even unarmed black and brown people, that no one was really surprised at the outcome this time. People have lost faith in the system, which repeatedly tells them black lives don’t matter. (Source: Read more)

Jason Riley On Ferguson: ‘The Issue Here Is Black Criminality, Not The Behavior Of Cops’ [VIDEO] – The DC

The Political Agitator response: “Ignorance will never end. Even those with money can’t buy SENSE!!” Author: Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator Okay let’s continue to deal with black on black crime. Let’s deal with white cops killing black folks. Let’s deal with it all.  I love it when educated folks especially black folks who want to compare black on black crime to a white cop killing black folks because to me it shows just how ignant they are when it comes to true justice. The black killer goes to jail so what is your point? If the situation add up when the white cops kill black folks then I have no problem with that, but damn all we want is for the justice system to be carried out properly. In Ferguson and other areas it is just that some black folks in their right mind along with some white folks in their right mind, we just want justice. Is that asking too much?

The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley said Tuesday the real cause of violence in black communities is black-on-black crime and not police officers.

“The issue here is black criminality, not the behavior of cops,” Riley told Fox News host Megyn Kelly, noting the homicide of African-Americans is too high, and the “leading cause of death for young black men.”

Riley, who appeared with Vincent Warren of the Center for Constitutional Rights, also echoed former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s comments on “Meet the Press” Sunday, saying the main reason for deaths among African-Americans is “because other black people are shooting them.” (Source: Read more)

Ferguson residents pick up the pieces – MSNBC

R Roth comments are right on!: When I was a prosecutor and presented cases to Grand Juries, we didn’t bring in possible defenses for the GJ to consider! The purpose of the GJ, instead of holding a Preliminary Hearing, is to determine whether there is enough evidence to prosecute the case within the evidentiary standards. Defenses are to be presented at the time of trial. The GJ is not there to determine guilt or innocence, only to determine if there is “probable cause” to file an indictment. GJs are not trials, that’s why there’s no defense attorney allowed in the hearing room, only the prosecutor.

The Ferguson prosecutor demonstrated his bias by not following the rules. The hearing should have taken less than a week, under normal circumstances.

Hope the prosecutor’s job is on the line. 

FERGUSON, Missouri — Seventeen-year-old Molly Rodgers couldn’t paint over all the destruction on the streets of downtown Ferguson, but she was willing to try. With a set of brushes and a few bottles of paint, Rodgers set out to do what little revitalization she could, using the boarded-up window at Cathy’s Kitchen as her canvas.

Her message, in pink and white cursive letters: “Love will win.” (Source: Read more)

Deandre Joshua Identified As Man Fatally Shot During Ferguson Protests – HuffPost

Deandre Joshua (Facebook)

The Political Agitator response: So sad!

The man found shot to death in a parked car in Ferguson, Missouri, on Tuesday morning has been identified.

The body of Deandre Joshua, 20, was found at around 9 a.m. inside a white Pontiac with the driver’s side window shot out near the Canfield Green Apartments, USA Today reports. The apartment complex is near the site where Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in August.

Joshua’s family members said they believed his death was related to the massive protests incited by a grand jury’s announcement on Monday night that they would not bring charges against Wilson for shooting Brown.

Police are investigating Joshua’s death as a homicide, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Even so, his grandmother, Renita Towns, has doubts about the amount of effort they’re going to put in.

“Police don’t care — he’s black,” she told USA Today. (Source: Read more)

Ferguson officer who shot Michael Brown resigns – Yahoo News

The Political Agitator response: Okay right now I ain’t talking about the murder and the Grand Jury decision, so what is his reason for resigning? Was he forced to or is he afraid now even more as he stated he was afraid of Brown?

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — The white police officer who killed Michael Brown has resigned from the Ferguson Police Department, his attorney said Saturday, nearly four months after the fatal confrontation with the black 18-year-old that fueled protests in the St. Louis suburb and across the nation.

Darren Wilson, 28, has been on administrative leave since the shooting on Aug. 9. His resignation was announced Saturday by one of his attorneys, Neil Bruntrager. The resignation is effective immediately, Bruntrager said. He declined further immediate comment but said he would release more details Saturday night. (Source: Read more)

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless React to Mark Cuban’s Comments On Bigotry And Prejudice

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First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless react to Mark Cuban’s comments on bigotry and prejudice. Part 1 of 2.


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Mark Levin interviews Stephen A. Smith for his perspective on Mark Cuban’s race-related comments. Full interview. Original Air Date: May 23, 2014


Exclusive: U.S. CEOs threaten to pull tacit Obamacare support over ‘wellness’ spat – Yahoo News

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Leading U.S. CEOs, angered by the Obama administration’s challenge to certain “workplace wellness” programs, are threatening to side with anti-Obamacare forces unless the government backs off, according to people familiar with the matter.

Major U.S. corporations have broadly supported President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform despite concerns over several of its elements, largely because it included provisions encouraging the wellness programs.

The programs aim to control healthcare costs by reducing smoking, obesity, hypertension and other risk factors that can lead to expensive illnesses. A bipartisan provision in the 2010 healthcare reform law allows employers to reward workers who participate and penalize those who don’t. (Source: Read more)

The Brown family’s pastor tries to make sense of the fire that gutted his church – The Washington Post

FLORISSANT, Mo. — Clutching hands, about 30 members of the Lee family stood over the Thanksgiving spread. Before they could eat, family tradition dictates, they had to go around the room saying what they were thankful for.

First went the grandchildren and young cousins, who quickly declared that they were thankful for the food and for family, before passing the spotlight to the next one. (One did say thanks for his new girlfriend, prompting raised eyebrows and interested whispers from several nosy aunts.)

Then came the adults, who gave thanks for new jobs, children who are starting college and newly born grandchildren. (Source: Read more)

Rudy Giuliani Goes Balls-Out Racist On Meet The Press

The Political Agitator response: Now this is good. So many times when there are heated discussions like this the real truth come out. See the percentages of what race is killed by their own race.

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