No place for race in event center debate – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: But if I am correct it was among the citizens and not with the council nor the city manager. It just happens that the comments were made during the citizens comments and the KKK comment was about those who oppose it from a citizen that obviously is for it. So how does this editorial from the Telegram be an accurate discussion on RACE when the city manager and the staff are working the issue and not the citizens. The black citizen and The Community Council discussion I would think plays no role in how the city manager and the staff will continue to move forward. This is just my ignant opinion but I stand behind it because this editorial plays no bearing on how the city manager and the staff will continue to move forward. I bet they have not thought about the comments coming from either side because it is obvious that they are going to continue to move forward. The race issue has been a problem long before the council became a black majority. Some whites said they were going to leave town if it happened. So as long as the council stay a black majority and the city manager is black, then it will continue to about RACE. Folks can be in denial all they want but RACE matters. We will see on Monday how the city manager, city staff and the council move forward on the issue and we will see if the KKK comment has any bearing on making the event center happen.
No place for race in event center debate

Whatever your position on the feasibility of a downtown event center, the only purpose for bringing race into the discussion is to further polarize a community that should be working together.

A resident who spoke before the Rocky Mount City Council Monday night did no one any favors when he compared the ad hoc Community Council to the Ku Klux Klan because of its opposition to the center proposal. The only color people see when that kind of nonsense is uttered is red. It does nothing to encourage a reasoned debate. (Source: Read more)