North Carolina – Now Is The Time For A Black Democratic Party Chair Of North Carolina

I have been actively engaged in North Carolina Politics since the early 80’s when I registered to vote at 18. I have been actively engaged since the early 90’s as a vice chair of my precinct for many years and then served as 3rd vice, 2nd vice and 1st vice chair of the Edgecombe County Executive Committee for several years. I also served as the interim county chair from 1998 – 1999. I have served as the precinct chair of my precinct now for around 3 terms. I have attended the county and district conventions faithfully since the early 90’s. I have attended several state conventions over the years as well and at one point I was well known at the state office because I was frequently in contact with them.

I said all of that to say this. It is about time that the state convention elect a black chair. I believe it is time for the state to elect someone who can bring some validity of the black voting strength to the forefront. It is time for minority districts to be looked at and since we are in this thing together, then why do we continue to have all of these majority black districts being held by white officials? I have no problem with white representation but what I do have a problem with is when we are suppose to be united as Democrats but we have all kinds of folks running in a majority black district and that creates division. However keeping in mind I understand that nothing says that the district has to be represented by a black.

For so many years down here in the east Edgecombe County, on election night when our votes came in, it was said that a statewide candidate could just about call it a win. However we have been very good to people across the state because we have done a good job as Democrats coming out to vote over the years. I feel strongly that the next chair should be a die hard Democrat that will be willing to move the party forward by doing whatever it takes to get the black voters across the state more energized and more active in the Democratic Party at all levels and not just during election time. I would love to see that person be from East of I-95.

So if you agree with me that it is time for us to elect a black chair for the state of North Carolina, then let me know if you you agree or disagree? Do you think you would be a good candidate or who do you know that would be a good candidate?

4 thoughts on “North Carolina – Now Is The Time For A Black Democratic Party Chair Of North Carolina

  1. As the NC Democratic Party SEC begins the process of electing a new Chair, they must consider the message the next Chair sends to the African American community in this State. Hagan’s campaign is a testimonial that throwing massive amounts of money around the State will not solve our problems or fix our issues.


  2. Spoken just like a true democrat – elect a person based on their race rather than their qualifications. Seems that the best plan would be to have the best leader for the job regardless if he or she is black, white or purple.


    • President Obama being elected 2 terms as a strong intelligent black man shows that it does not matter if you are black and qualified, it shows that some folks can’t get the hell over a black being in POWER from the here to the White House. So I ain’t going to even discuss this issue with you.


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