Press Release: Bulluck Elementary’s All-Pro Dads



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Monday, November 3, 2014

Bulluck Elementary’s All-Pro Dads

Bulluck Elementary School held its first All Pro Dad breakfast of 2014 on October 21, 2014 with approximately 200 kids and dads in attendance. Bulluck is one of over 1,200 chapters of the All Pro Dad program which is in 46 states and was started by former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy and Mark Merrill and is the fatherhood program of Family First.  The program provides tools and resources for fathers and opens the lines of communication between dads, children, and the school system. The emphasis is put on getting dads involved and stressing the importance on being a positive role model. Bulluck’s chapter was started in 2013 in conjunction with Down East Partnership for Children and Divine Faith Baptist Church in Rocky Mount and has seen great success with as many as 300 people attending the breakfast sessions.

Bulluck’s principal, Thomas Holland, sees the program as a valuable resource for his school. “As a principal of GW Bulluck Elementary School I want to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in and feel comfortable communicating with our school and staff.  We want to make a real effort to work with their busy schedules and create an avenue for which they can give us input, share successes, and potentially learn new strategies for helping their children grow academically and socially.  I want to ensure they know they are welcomed here and that we value their time and effort to promote our goals as a school and community.  A big part of the All Pro Dad program is getting our father figures out to school to share why they are proud of their children.  It gives us an opportunity to hear from them about how they spend time with their families and what they really value. In turn our school and staff get the opportunity to form strong relationships with our stakeholders which promotes a stronger sense of community and creates a welcoming environment for our students to flourish in.”

Those looking for more information on All Pro Dad can visit Those interested in starting their own meetings are also invited to visit the webpage.

Press Release: Three Edgecombe County Middle Schools form 4-H Partnership

Shawna Andrews                                                                      



Three Edgecombe County Middle Schools form 4-H Partnership


W.A. Pattillo Middle, Martin Millennium Academy, and West Edgecombe Middle Schools have formed a partnership with Edgecombe County 4-H Extension Agency to host monthly 4-H Horticulture clubs as a part of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) initiative.  Local 4-H agents will present topics related to horticulture which are aligned to the NC Essential Standards in Science.  The partnership between the middle schools and 4-H will allow the opportunity for students to capitalize on their interest of exploration utilizing hands-on experiences.


School sponsors are excited about this opportunity.  Pattillo Middle School Assistant Principal, Lauren Prudenti said “As intimidating as the “STEM Club” may sound, the activities the club will participate in will teach STEM learning through horticulture– thankfully, we all know a little about gardening and plants! Even the slogan of 4-H, “Learn by Doing”, demonstrates that our students will learn using hands on projects and activities. We are excited to add our 4-H club as another commitment of student achievement at Pattillo Middle”.


Lesa Walton and Colby Griffin from the Edgecombe County 4-H Extension Office will be leading the sessions with students and sponsors.  Sessions will take place monthly after school.  The Extension Office has been instrumental in working with the school system to form this partnership.


Colby Griffin, Horticulture Extension Agent said “I am extremely excited to be able to work with youth within these three middle schools.  It is our goal to get these kids excited about horticulture and the natural world around them.  I want these youth to know horticulture is much more than just flowers.  It’s a fascinating science that encompasses a wide range of topics that is constantly hands-on and interactive.” 


“The Edgecombe County 4-H program is excited to be partnering with Edgecombe County Middle Schools to provide STEM opportunities through 4-H Afterschool Clubs.  Together we will be growing confident, capable and caring kids with life skills to thrive in today’s world and succeed in their boldest dreams for tomorrow,” stated Lesa Walton, 4-H Extension Agent.



Press Release: "Literacy Engagement Using Nooks"



For Immediate Release

Monday, November 3, 2014




Even the youngest of learners in Edgecombe County Public Schools are embracing technology.  Students in Kindergarten through second grade have been given the unique opportunity to use Nooks to further their reading development through the ECPS Digital Learning initiative.  Nooks are e-reader tablets, marketed by Barnes and Nobles, that can be used for many purposes to increase reading achievement. 


Teachers have received face to face staff development, as well as, a four hour online course prior to receiving the Nooks for use in their classrooms.    Upon completion of the required staff development, teachers were given a set of 10 Nooks to be used in their classrooms.  The Nook initiative is aimed at increasing student engagement in the area of reading, with the ultimate goal of increasing student achievement in reading .


The Nooks were piloted during our 2014 Summer Reading Camp for third graders.  Teachers were able to use the Nooks during guided reading instruction.  The Nooks were very well received and created great interest on the part of teachers and students.  Edgecombe County Public Schools expanded the initiative to all kindergarten, first and second grade classrooms at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year.


During the language arts instructional block, it is not uncommon to find teachers using Nooks in their guided reading groups.  The books needed for this small group instruction have been downloaded on the Nooks.  Students use the Nooks much like they would an actual text during this lesson.  Some teachers allow students to use the Nooks in their individual practice time, as well. 


Julia Dawson, second grade teacher at Princeville Elementary School says “The Nooks are a great resource for the students that offer a wide variety of apps.  The Nooks present information to the students in a fun and exciting way while also integrating technology into the classroom. It is safe to say we love using the Nooks in our 2nd grade classroom!” 


Students can be found engaging in many different activities on the Nook.  Some students work on building vocabulary, while others are listening to stories being read to them, still others might be reading from science books or practicing their reading skills while accessing books on their individual reading levels.  When asked about the use of Nooks in her classroom, JaNiya, a second grade student at Princeville, says with confidence “The Nook helps me become a better reader. I will be able to have good grades in school because the Nook helps me.”  One thing stands out, students are confident, excited and engaged in their use of the Nooks.

The recent legislation known as the Excellent Public Schools Act has raised the stakes for all students in reading.  The expectation that students learn to read and comprehend on grade level prior to the end of third grade has increased the urgency for quality instruction across the state of North Carolina.   The goal of the State through this legislation  is “to ensure that every student read at or above grade level by the end of third grade and continue to progress in reading proficiency so that he or she can read, comprehend, integrate, and apply complex texts needed for secondary education and career success.” 


Rigorous reading instruction must begin as soon as the youngest learner walks through our doors if we are going to be successful in reaching this goal.   Edgecombe County Public Schools Title I Director, Shawna Andrews, hopes that the Nook initiative will increase student engagement and that the use of the e – readers will increase students’ motivation to learn to read.  “Students and teachers alike have embraced this initiative with enthusiasm.  I expect great success from the implementation of the Nook initiative”, stated Andrews.


Press Release: "Bulluck Awarded PBIS Honor"



For Immediate Release

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bulluck Awarded PBIS Honor

Rocky Mount, NC – Be Respectful! Be Responsible! Be Prepared! This familiar phrase has been instrumental in helping a local school gain state recognition. G.W. Bulluck Elementary School recently received notification that they have earned designation as an Exemplar School in the North Carolina Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) annual State Recognition Program. The school met all the requirements for this recognition by demonstrating results achieved through working together, using school data to implement research-based practices, and developing supportive systems to teach all students new behaviors.

To qualify for this honor, PBIS Exemplar Schools have completed requirements for Green Ribbon (level 1) and Banner (level 2) schools and have completed all three team training modules. They have scored a Level 3 or higher in the Implementation Inventory and 95% total on the SET. At least two consecutive years of required behavioral, attendance, and academic data shows improvement, and they have documented at least one additional data element that they are tracking as a team.

The underlying theme of PBIS is teaching behavioral expectations in the same manner as any core curriculum subject. The emphasis is on school-wide systems of support that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments. The purpose of school-wide PBIS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm. All teachers in the school teach and reinforce our expectations of appropriate behavior in classrooms, the cafeteria, in hallways, on the playground, and on buses. Setting these expectations and making sure students understand the procedures is an important part of the program.

Many teachers use classroom behavior management systems that allow students to be recognized for positive behavior as well as to track negative behaviors. Attendance awards are given monthly to homerooms in each grade level that have the best attendance. STAR students and Bus Student of the Month awards are given regularly to recognize those who have demonstrated positive behavior or improvement in behavior. Nine week incentives, “Bear Paws”, and PBIS tickets for exhibiting appropriate or outstanding behavior are also part of the school’s plan. Even teachers participate in the STAR Teacher program to acknowledge those who have gone “above and beyond” at the school and the optional “Bear Buddy” program serves as a way to let teachers give small gifts and notes of encouragement to their “secret” buddy throughout the year.

Press Release: W.A. Pattillo Football Follows in Footsteps of Alumni

In, 1952, W.A. Pattillo High School won the Eastern Conference Championship. This year, with the creation of W. A. Pattillo Middle School, another conference championship is born.

The W. A. Pattillo Middle School football team’s season came to an exciting conclusion as it completed its undefeated season and spoiling host Forest Hills Middle School’s hopes of winning the Conference Championship.  The final score was 32-0 after the clash of two 7-0 football teams. 

The Vikings, comprised of students from W. A. Pattillo and Martin Millenium Academy, finished the season 8-0 with a county championship, division championship, and conference championship.  The Vikings had 7 shut outs and outscored its opponents 298-12.  “Those 12 points came on 2 kick returns where the opposing team did not convert its 2 point conversions,”  Coach Hurdle explained. “The defense did not allow a score all season!  What an amazing journey for a special group of athletes.”

Supportive Principal, Craig Harris, spoke on the school’s announcement system the next day at school, “As someone who has been around middle school football for many years, both as a fan and a coach, the best way that I can characterize what our team did this year is simply, “Special.”  In addition to our talented players, our coaches did an outstanding job with these young men this year.  The challenge for our players now, particularly 8th graders, is to carry this success on to the next level.  The Viking family will be looking forward to some great things from our 8th graders at the next level.”


As W. A. Pattillo Middle football players share in the great honor of the Pattillo High School players, the Middle School celebrates that this journey starts in the classroom first, then on the field, as the school grows student-athletes.


Congratulations to Pattillo Middle players and coaches on an outstanding job this season!

Ms. Lauren A. Prudenti
Assistant Principal
W. A. Pattillo Middle School

501 East Avenue, P. O. Box 609

Tarboro, NC 27886

office: 252-823-3812 ext. 6206

A serious question for my Republican friends. And yes, I’m REALLY asking.

What is it about this president and your party? Why, right from the get-go, did prominent Republicans vow to make him a “one term president?” Why, for the first time in modern times did a sitting U.S. Congressman call him a liar from his seat within the People’s House, then use that outburst as a fundraiser? Why did some of even the most top tier candidates running against him decline to refute the nonsensical birth certificate stories? Or his religion? Or his education? Why don’t any Republican Senators call out the Rush Limbaughs and the Sean Hannitys of our public airwaves, who refer to the First Lady as a “cow” and the President himself as a “criminal?”

In short, why this level of disrespect? We’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

He’s been from the start, the most even tempered president I’ve seen in my lifetime. He’s had to listen for six years, as an increasingly right-leaning and sputteringly ANGRY conservative movement has smeared him, distorted his record, lied nonstop about his policies, his achievements, his past, his family, even his dog. He’s far from the most liberal President we’ve ever had, and when it comes to ethics and integrity, he’s hardly in the same league as ANY Republican president in recent years. At worst, he’s tried to offer a clumsily introduced healthcare plan to millions of Americans so that the rest of us won’t get stuck with their bills. And at best, he reversed an economic catastrophe he inherited on Election Day 2009, cut a $1.3 trillion deficit by two thirds, oversaw the creation of 10 million new jobs; almost as many as Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. combined, hunted down and eliminated the biggest mass murderer in modern American history, kept the nation safe from terrorism for six years – and counting – signed the Lily Ledbetter Act, and last but not least, rescued over a million American jobs related to the auto industry.

My conservative friends bristle when anyone so much as suggests there’s a racial element to their opposition to him. That their contempt for him is justified by his actions, and that those actions are SO radical, SO antithetical to our national interests that they’re being perfectly reasonable, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with race. Call me skeptical.

In an illegal, top secret operation not shared with Congress, Ronald Reagan sold missiles to the Iranians then used the money from those sales to fund a right-wing terrorist group in Central America. When caught red-handed, nobody in Congress so much as uttered the word “impeachment.”

George W. Bush took us to war in Iraq on a casus beli of bald-faced lies which ended up killing 100,000+ Iraqis and 4,500 Americans, put the entire $1 trillion cost of the war on credit, pushed through two tax cuts which went primarily to the top 1%, the cost of which again went on the national credit card. Vice President Cheney, Bush’s personal and political advisor Karl Rove and Cheney’s aid Scooter Libby were all involved in a scandal that DELIBERATELY EXPOSED the undercover status of a CIA operative; a woman who had been tasked with locating nuclear materials amongst potential terrorist groups, threatening both her life and potentially, the national security of the United States.

And even then, nobody mentioned impeachment.

But Barack Obama? He’s different. Mainstream conservative journalists are now tossing the concept of impeachment about on a regular basis. Charles Krauthammer just last week threatened the president that articles of impeachment would be justified if he “dares” to sign an Executive Order on immigration reform.

So what is it? Lying to Congress about selling arms to the Ayatollah, funneling those profits to Nicaraguan Contras, lying about WMDs for months on end, dragging the country to a disastrous war based on blatant lies told by the Vice President and SecDef then blaming their failure on the CIA, outing an undercover agent who’d been putting her life on the line in an effort to protect us from loose nukes, ignoring a document warning of an imminent bin Laden attack, bungling bin Laden’s capture, torpedoing the U.S. economy and dragging the rest of the world down with us, deliberately obstructing the people’s RIGHT to vote in predominantly black and Hispanic areas … all just another day at the office when a Republican’s in the White House. No talk of impeachment from anyone.

But Barack Obama? He’s different. His record must be WORSE than any of the above, right? It’s either that, or there’s something else about him that our Republican pals don’t like.

So what is it if not race?

Bruce Lindner