Howard Dean Rips Democrats: ‘You Cannot Win if You Are Afraid’ MEDIA ITE

The Political Agitator response: In response to Chris Telesca: Yep – it’s time to dump the OFA playbook and stop hiring all those nomadic consultants with no local grounding, and go back to the 50-state strategy that Howard Dean implemented in 2006.

Chris I understand what you are saying and you have been saying it for quite sometime. However I have no problem with what Obama did when he ran for President because I know what goes on in the black community during election time, the backstabbing, those who are in it for the money and don’t give a damn who win as long as they get paid. So when Obama had his own people set up in the counties across the states I was with him. Hell no I would not have given the local folks control over my campaign if I was running for an office, hell I wouldn’t do it in Edgecombe County and I live here.

However since Obama has been in office the state and local Democratic Parties ought to had put a plan in motion. Hell what plan was in place before Obama ran for President because I know as a fact we in Edgecombe County has been surviving by the grace of God because it was nothing that the damn party did. Hell a county where the Democratic Party that has no political forum, no political rallies no nothing but a damn meeting in January to talk about the meeting in March for the Precincts, county convention and district convention. No damn education for the citizens, no emails, no Facebook, no Twitter no nothing.

So to continue to blame it on the OFA, I blame it on the local party because they could do more.

The state party has been nothing but infighting for years and it started long before OFA.

Hell yeah I want to see the Democratic Party move forward but damn I have been saying that since I joined the party back in the late 80’s well started voting in the early 80’s but became active at the precinct and county level in the late 80’s. I have challenged the Democrats black and white in Edgecombe County.

I remember when the whites had the majority in the county Democratic Party Executive Committee and the blacks were fighting for the majority. Once the blacks got the majority they allowed 1 – 2 blacks to keep the party tore up so the county party has gone to hell. I serve as a precinct chair only so I can have a voice at the county meetings.

Howard Dean Rips Democrats: ‘You Cannot Win if You Are Afraid’

Former DNC chair Howard Dean criticized the Democrats (including but not limited to the DNC) on Meet the Press Sunday morning for not staying on message, or even crafting a message, in the run-up to last week’s severe midterm loss.

“The biggest problem was message,” Dean said. “Sure it was an off-year and we can make all these excuses. But even through the days of the fifty-state strategy and taking over the House, the Senate, and the White House in four years, I could never get the Washington Democrats to stay on message.” (Source: Read more)

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