She Grew Up Overhearing Her Racist Dad. After Hearing Her Story, I Don’t Think She Was Listening. – UpWorthy

The Political Agitator response: Powerful message! Some folks need to see more of this so they can understand what is going on in this world today. There are new techniques being used and some ignant black folks either don’t understand, don’t care or in denial.

Sure, we aren’t doing everything the civil rights movement set out to achieve in the ’60s, but goodness gracious, as long as there are 12-year-olds like this one, I know we’ll get there.

If you think it’s getting intense around 2:45, when she gets the Dixie cups, wait for the closing line of the whole thing. Emotions!

This clip is part of the American Experience series about the civil rights movement in Mississippi. I happened upon it while I was researching the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Summer, or Mississippi Summer Project, and I couldn’t stop watching. I read a book on the Freedom Summer a few years ago called “Freedom Summer: The Savage Season That Made Mississippi Burn and Made America a Democracy,” and I was just blown away by all the stories. If you’re into how America actually worked and works, read it! It’s one of my fave nonfictions. (Source: Read more)

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