DA Found No Causes To File Sexual Harassment Charges Against Tarboro Town Councilman Taro Knight

The Political Agitator response: It is a damn shame that the Rocky Mount Telegram and the Tarboro Weekly ran several articles about Taro Knight being suspended from the North East Carolina Prep (NECP) Charter School in Tarboro recently but has yet to do an article about the DA findings.

It was reported in The Edgecombe Tribune on Wednesday October 8, 2014 that District Attorney Robert Evans found no causes to file sexual harassment charges against Tarboro Town Councilman Taro Knight, according to a report released by his office.

The article states that a former NECP teacher first filed charges against Knight with the Tarboro Police Department but that wouldn’t be right for them to handle it so they turned to the investigation over the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department to avoid a conflict of interest. After the Sheriff deputies found nothing they turned it over to the DA whom also found nothing.

Knight said he any actions that needed to remedy any erroneous and speculative reporting will be addressed by his representative.

Now this is a damn shame because obviously Knight has not done anything wrong as it relates to sexual harassment.

It is reported in the Tribune that Knight denied the allegations and a school official said denied suspending Knight for sexual harassment and did not give reasons for the suspension citing the incident was a “confidential personnel matter.”

I had stated that I question why was Knight suspended without pay after reading the newspapers and doing some homework on the issue. So now that Knight has been cleared on sexual harassment charges I hope he will be able to recoup the pay he lost while suspended. Knight has bills and a family.

Now that Knight has been cleared, the name of the accuser need to be exposed. The accuser does not need to get off the hook that easy because they ought to have had some type of clue this was not goings anywhere.

I am glad Knight and his family can begin to put this mess behind them and move forward. Receiving 30 days of pay sure would be a good start.

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Gay marriage now legal in North Carolina – News & Observer

RALEIGH — Same-sex marriage became legal in North Carolina on Friday after a dizzying day of court filings that ended with a federal judge in the western part of the state nullifying the ban on such unions.

Scenes of jubilation, relief and an emotional sense of history erupted across the state.

U.S. District Judge Max Cogburn set off the rush to courthouses throughout the state with the stroke of his pen.

Cogburn was assigned this week to a lawsuit filed last year by clergy challenging North Carolina’s 2012 constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. (Source: Read more)

UGA could sue dealer for making Gurley break rules – Atlanta 11 Live

(WXIA) — Bryan Allen is not only in big trouble with UGA fans; he could also be in trouble with the university… the kind they need seven figures and a decimal point to figure out.

If it’s determined that Allen enticed star running back Todd Gurley by paying him to sign autographs and then snitched to the media that he did it, Allen could end up paying with both his checkbook as well as time in jail.

In a YouTube interview with the Coosa Valley News, Allen explains that his sports memorabilia store has pretty much whatever the avid sports fan could want in branded gear. That store in Rome, Georgia has since closed, and Allen’s exact whereabouts are unclear. (Source: Read more)

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Tarboro NC – Todd Gurley Suspension: Statement From J. Reid Parker Director Of Athletics Greg McGarity

The Political Agitator response: This is why I do not jump on issues like this when it first hit. I wait a couple of days to see what else will follow. I also do some homework during that time as well. After the first day of the breaking news about Todd one would think that Georgia had thrown him to the dogs. The following article show otherwise and shows that the school is actually supporting him. Now if Todd is guilty of any wrongdoing then this too will pass. He is still a child and most folks know that he comes from a single parent home and has some family obstacles. I support Todd however I do not support any wrongdoings although he is a child, he must abide by the rules just like others. I understand and agree with others that college athletes ought to get some type of compensation however until the rules change, that is irrelevant. So I would hope others would think about the main thing and that is if Todd should be found guilty of any wrongdoing, then let’s support him and encourage him to not make anymore bad calls. There are enough bad calls on the field so let us not make any bad calls on the sidelines while waiting on the verdict.

UGA J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Greg McGarity Statement Regarding Todd Gurley Eligibility Matter

I would like to make a few additional comments about yesterday’s announcement regarding the suspension of Todd Gurley.

While we have made extensive efforts to gather all relevant facts, this is still an ongoing and obviously sensitive matter involving a student-athlete. Because of federal privacy laws, NCAA rules, and the ongoing nature of this matter, there are limits on what I can say at this time. While we unfortunately cannot get into details, there are a few things I would like to make clear to those who support the University of Georgia.

There is currently a lot of misinformation about this matter in the public domain, and many pundits are offering opinions that are based on incomplete or erroneous information.

While that is unfortunate and while we can’t control the pundits, I want to assure the Bulldog Nation that from the time this matter arose and continuing through today, University of Georgia personnel have worked tirelessly, making every effort and taking all appropriate steps to support our student-athletes and our coaches and to act in the best interests of the University of Georgia. (Source: Read more)

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