Tarboro NC: What Is The Real Motive? Prep school official might face criminal charges – Rocky Mount Telegram

So what in the hell was the purpose of this article? “Prep school official might face criminal charges”  Posted some of the article but read the entire article for yourself.

TARBORO – The fate of criminal prosecution on sexual harassment allegations against Tarboro Town Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Taro Knight now rests in the hands of District Attorney Robert Evans.

The Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office has wrapped up its investigation into sexual harassment allegations that resulted in Knight being suspended without pay for 30 days from his position as director of operations at North East Carolina Preparatory School.

“We have been investigating the charges of sexual harassment,” Edgecombe County Sheriff James Knight said. “We have turned our information over to the district attorney to see if there are criminal aspects to it.

“It is still considered an ongoing investigation until the district attorney decides what to do with it.”

Evans could not be reached for comment on the status of his office’s investigation into the matter and specifically what would constitute any criminal aspects of sexual harassment.

Specifically asked if there are and what would be any potential criminal aspects to sexual harassment, N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper’s office deferred any answers.

“That’s a very good question, but one that would best be directed to a local district attorney office,” N.C. Department of Justice Public Information Officer Noelle Talley said. “In North Carolina, DAs have authority to bring criminal charges under state law and would probably be in a position to know if criminal charges for sexual harassment are possible.”

Like the real motive behind all of this. Is it “they” are trying to silence the Mayor Pro-tem of Tarboro because he has been vocal about what is going on with the Tarboro Town Council.

It is clear in my opinion that there is a hidden agenda behind all of this mess. I may be wrong but then again I ain’t never been wrong but one time and I found out I was really right? LMBAO!

The racist never seems to amaze me with their comments. This is the type of information that racist put out to try to discredit the black man instead of going on the facts as presented in the paper. Where is it stated that he has been found guilty of a sexual crime? I have read and been told that the investigation was about harassment and not sexual harassment.

But these same racist got the facts as presented in the papers on the former Town Manager Sam Nobles and the current Mayor Rick Page but they don’t want to talk about them in the article in this paper as well.

The school’s governing body will hold its regular meeting Monday at 7 p.m., and board Chairman Dr. Jeffrey Alejandro said the matter will not come before the board.

“To my knowledge, nothing additional will be done,” Alejandro said. “We have addressed the issue and issued punishment. There is no further discussion of the issue on the agenda.”

So it appears the investigation is over Knight will be going back to work on Monday October 6 so why the ignant comments? Oh because it is typical of Edgecombe and Nash Counties finest racist.

Why would Tarboro Town Manager Rick Page be talking to the newspaper about an issue that obviously he does not have the facts. Goes to show that he is obviously trying to comment because Knight has been vocal about Page’s issue with the State Auditor’s findings, LGC and now the SBI investigating him. I am guessing that Page and some others must be thinking his issue will go away if they could remove Knight from the council. SMDH!

But seriously I am having a hard time following the articles surrounding this issue of North East Prep suspends operations director. First of all why was he suspended without pay? It appears that the reporter tried to make an article out of the very little information that was shared with him by the school system so therefore it appears to me that he is listening to some street folks and trying to make the article appear to be about sexual harassment when I read into only harassment.

The reporter states: “The handbook defines harassment as “offensive remarks, jokes or slurs pertaining to an individual’s race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability or any other protected status defined by law;” but read the definitions he states here. This makes it appear that it is all about sexual harassment but from what I have heard in the streets has been sexual harassment but when I read the article I don’t get that. When I asked Knight he assured me it was not sexual harassment.

What I am trying to figure out is why did Mayor Rick Page who is under investigation by the SBI as it relates to the NC State Auditor’s Findings and the Local Government Commission have so much to say about the issue instead of just waiting for the complete investigation to be over? “Tarboro Mayor Rick Page said the procedure for council members who might have violated the code of ethics would be for the council “to discuss the matter to see if it should take action.” But my question is with the issue of Page himself why he does not fall under the code of ethics? But race has nothing to do with it!

Sources say some folks who wants to see Mayor Pro-tem Knight removed from the council because he has been very vocal about the issue going on with the NC State Auditor’s Findings as it relates to the former Town Manager Sam Nobles and current Town Manager Rick Page which has been turned over to the SBI along with the town waiting on a response from a letter asking Nobles and Page to address their requests.

It appears from what I am hearing and have read on a local Facebook page is that some folks want to compare the issue with Knight, Nobles and Page which in my opinion are not close to being the same.

Read all of the articles about Taro Knight for yourself and see what you get out of them and then do your own homework and see what you come up with. That is how I roll. Oh well not everybody roll like that because they don’t want the truth to be made known but just want what they want which is not about what is fair and just.

Hell yeah it is about RACE!

But for the record, if Knight is guilty of a criminal charge I will speak to that but at this point I have not seen anything in writing that I feel I should believe any criminal activity has taken place.

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