Homegoing Celebration For Marquette Collins Wilson NC

My condolences goes out to Mr. & Mrs. James Cleveland Collins, Vickie Collins-Best and the entire family of the late Marquette Collins Wilson NC.

Cleveland and Vickie grew up right across the street of me. Cleveland know that I am just a phone call away.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: Praying For You – William Murphy

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SouthWest Edgecombe High School Pinetops NC – Voter Registration

All eligible high school students will be allowed to register to vote during lunch (11:06am to 1:10pm) on Wednesday, October 1st and Thursday, October 2nd. This is sponsored by League of Women Voters and Democracy NC Eastern NC Organizer Shoneca Kent.

Shoneca Kent
Eastern NC Organizer
Democracy North Carolina

252-885-5187 (cell)

NC residents mailed incorrect voter registration information – News & Observer

The Political Agitator response: Damn shame these ignant folks who say they are about fairness are always making up stuff attempting to mislead folks. These same folks call themselves religious also.

RALEIGH — Hundreds of North Carolinians – and one cat – have received incorrect voter registration information, according to the N.C. State Board of Elections.

The information – an “official application form” – was sent by Americans for Prosperity, a national conservative group with a state chapter based in Raleigh.

Since then, hundreds of people who received the forms have called and complained to the State Board of Elections, said Joshua Lawson, a public information officer for the board. (Source: Read more)

CEO Who Threatened To Fire Employees If Obama Won 2012 Election Is Instead Making Huge Profits! – Firebrand Progressives

The run-up to the 2008 and 2012 elections got a little heated at times, to say the least. Shouting matches between friends, co-workers, family members and even spouses with opposite political beliefs were common. And then we had rich assholes threatening to fire employees based on the outcome of the election.

One rich asshole in particular who did this is David Siegel, the founder and CEO of Westgate Resorts, a giant national timeshare company, and one of the largest resort developers in the world. The 2008 economic meltdown which occurred under George W. Bush set Siegel back a few million dollars, although he was a billionaire to start with before the meltdown. Why, he even had to stop construction on what was to be the largest house in the U.S. at the time. Called “Versailles”, the home was to be 90,000 square feet and worth some one hundred million dollars, and was the subject of a documentary.

We’ll wait here while you spring for your violins… (Source: Read more)

Here’s Why Republicans Are Worried: Democrats Register 60,000 New Voters in 48 Districts – PoliticusUSA

Republicans are getting worried about their 2014 chances because Democrats have taken their fundraising advantage and spent it on registering hundreds of thousands of new voters including 60,000 new voters in 48 competitive House districts.

For House Democrats, this strategy is about laying the groundwork to win back the lower chamber in 2016 or 2018, but their efforts will pay dividends this year in close gubernatorial and Senate races in states like Florida and Georgia. In the Peach State, Republicans are already freaking out and trying to stop a massive non-DCCC voter registration effort with a voter fraud investigation. (Source: Read more)

Tarboro NC: Taro Knight North East Prep/Tarboro City Council Mayor Pro-tem Suspension Reported In The Rocky Mount Telegram Is No Comparison To Former Town Manager Sam Noble And Mayor Rick Page Issues

The following article in the Rocky Mount Telegram “North East Prep suspends operations director” says an apparent violation of a school harassment policy led North East Carolina Prep School officials to suspend one of its directors for a month without pay. It does not say if the harassment was towards an adult or a student. It does not say if it was sexual harassment or other. However the reporter says, “in the 33 pages of North East Carolina Prep School’s employee handbook, only one type of offense is noted as prohibited – harassment.” Sexual harassment is covered to the degree that one may think it was sexual harassment but until the truth be told, one would can only form an opinion as to what they think occurred.

How in the hell can racist white folks compare this report on Knight while the State Auditor’s report that specifies what former Town Manager Sam Nobles and Mayor Rick Page has been accused of is no comparison.

I read some comments on a Facebook page Tarboro 27886 and I found them to be quite interesting. They are comparing the suspension to the issues with Nobles and Page which is no comparison. I know some folks are mad with Knight because he has been very vocal about Nobles and Page and they would love to be able to silence him on that issue.

What the article about the suspension does not say is what the suspension was specifically for. It does not say if the investigation has been completed is over and what was the findings. Therefore it will be interesting to see if Knight is guilty of anything. But that is the thing about personnel issues, most times the information is not reported so therefore if those involved do not put it out there, then it leaves room for folks to continue to assume what happened and telling the story how they want to so they can attempt to discredit the person who they have an issue with.

If one is going to tell the story, please tell the truth as you know it coming from those whom are involved and not don’t make up stuff.

Homegoing Celebration For Deacon James Bernard Bullock Rocky Mount NC

My condolences goes out to Evelyn Bullock and the entire family of the late Deacon James Bernard Bullock Rocky Mount NC.

I have been knowing Deacon Bullock since the late 80’s when I joined the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. Deacon Bullock was a very smart man and he was truly dedicated to whatever he was involved in.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: The Storm Is Over Now – Kirk Franklin

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SBI probes audito’s report on Noble – Rocky Mount Telegram

Although Tarboro town officials are remaining silent and council members are backtracking from comments about keeping citizens abreast of what is going on, governmental wheels are turning pertaining to former town manager Sam Noble.

Noble’s spending procedures of town funds were the focus of an investigation by the office of N.C. State Auditor Beth Wood, and the next steps in that probe are underway.

“I can confirm that the SBI Financial Crimes Unit is conducting an investigation into this matter,” SBI spokeswoman Teresa West said. “This is an active investigation, and we cannot provide more information at this time. (Source: Read more)

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Taboro Town Council 

Rick Page Mayor

North East Prep suspends operations director – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: After hearing rumors about Knight being suspended and then later being told he had been fired, I then tried to reach him. I was able to reach him on last week and after speaking to Knight he was in good spirit and stated that he was pleased with the outcome of the investigation in which he would not go into detail. I understand personnel policies and procedures so I did not ask him specific questions. He did confirm he was suspended for 30 days, not fired and that he would be returning to work.

TARBORO – An apparent violation of a school harassment policy led North East Carolina Prep School officials to suspend one of its directors for a month without pay.

According to reports, North East Prep Director of Operations Taro Knight is currently serving a 30-day suspension without pay. Knight also is a member of the Tarboro Town Council.

“Taro Knight was suspended without pay for 30 days, effective Sept. 3, 2014,” North East Prep Director of Communications Diane LeFiles said in an email response to questions on the matter. “Upon advice of our attorneys, we are not at liberty to provide any additional information about this or any confidential matter.” (Source: Read more)

Anderson Chapel MBC Morning Service Sunday September 21, 2014 11:00 AM

Pastor Malcolm E. Lewis “Maybe God Is Trying To Tell You Something”

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Anderson Chapel MBC 75th Usher Anniversary Sunday September 21, 2014 4:00 PM Rev. Milton Batts Bethlehem MBC Nashville NC Messenger

Rev. Milton Batts Message “A Real Servant”

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John Boehner’s Lawyer Quits Because Lawsuit Against Obama Could Harm His Credibility

The Political Agitator response: This makes no sense! But then again look at who is involved Boehner! No respect for the position, hell ain’t even gonna go there about respect for the black man.

Speaker of the House John Boehner had to find a new lawyer to represent him in his lawsuit against President Obama after his attorney quit because he was worried that the suit could harm his credibility.

Boehner’s lawsuit is such a joke that he can’t keep his attorney. The fiasco surrounding the House Republican decision to sue President Obama keeps getting more delightful every day. If there was ever a sign that dropping a lawsuit would be a good idea, your attorney quitting because the suit could harm their credibility is a large omen. (Source: Read more)

White Man Slaps Postal Worker And Calls Him a N*gger, Judge Says It’s Road Rage Not Hate Crime–Blacklikemoi

The Political Agitator response: Damn shame! I remember years ago when they were saying young black males were at-risk. I said hell all black men are at-risk and since we have a black President it has been more prevalent than ever before.

A Brooklyn firefighter has been cleared of charges claiming he executed a hate crime after he slapped a black postal worker and called him the n-word.

A decision was reached in court on Wednesday regarding a November 2013 incident in which Luke Schreiner, a 300-pound New York City firefighter, slapped and shouted racial slurs at 57-year-old mailman Rene Isidore.  During the two-day bench trial, Isidore described the incident before breaking down in tears, New York Daily News reported.  He said he was driving his mail truck and came up behind Schreiner’s pick-up truck that was parked in the middle of a one-way street.  Without honking, he drove around the truck. (Source: Read more)