State should rethink Medicaid expansion – Rocky Mount Telegram

It certainly was encouraging to hear N.C. Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos tell a legislative committee last week that her agency is preparing information for Gov. Pat McCrory for possible options to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

McCrory and Republican legislative leaders last year rejected the expansion of Medicaid to more people under the federal health care overhaul, saying the state’s current system must be reformed first.

North Carolina’s $13 billion Medicaid program has been plagued by financial shortfalls for years, but Wos told lawmakers that the program had a $64 million cash balance at the end of the last fiscal year – setting the stage for possible expansion to include as many as 575,000 low-income, uninsured adults who earn too little to be eligible for federal subsidies under the Affordable Care Act but too much to qualify for Medicaid as it currently is structured in the state. (Source: Read more)

General Colin Powell: The Republican Party is Headed for a Brick Wall

The Republican party is in trouble, that’s no secret. It continually marginalizes minority populations and has thoroughly ostracized itself with women voters. Republican General Colin Powell sat down with Bill Maher to discuss the current status of the Republican party.

According to Powell, the GOP has to do more to appeal to minorities and learn to accept compromise, as the founders they so often exalt and call upon did.

Watch the interview below. (Source: Read more)

Homegoing Celebration For Marquette Collins Wilson NC

My condolences goes out to Mr. & Mrs. James Cleveland Collins, Vickie Collins-Best and the entire family of the late Marquette Collins Wilson NC.

Cleveland and Vickie grew up right across the street of me. Cleveland know that I am just a phone call away.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: Praying For You – William Murphy

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SouthWest Edgecombe High School Pinetops NC – Voter Registration

All eligible high school students will be allowed to register to vote during lunch (11:06am to 1:10pm) on Wednesday, October 1st and Thursday, October 2nd. This is sponsored by League of Women Voters and Democracy NC Eastern NC Organizer Shoneca Kent.

Shoneca Kent
Eastern NC Organizer
Democracy North Carolina

252-885-5187 (cell)