Audio of Firing Sandra Smith at WHIG-TV on MovingForward TV

The Political Agitator response: Last night Friday September 12 edition of MovingForward TV that audio of the firing of Sandra Smith at WHIG-TV on Monday September 8 by Herb’s wife was very interesting. Did I hear Herb Greenberg’s wife say to Sandra I allowed you to have an affair with my husband but she wanted to be friends with her. Herb’s wife said she had forgiven her. I have been hearing for years that Sandra was having an affair with Herbie but tonight I heard it come from Herbie’s wife Glady’s voice. But on Monday Herb’s wife said to Sandra you must give up the key and leave. Whew! Did you miss the show? Do you want to hear it for yourself? Audio Only: WHIG-TV Herb Greenberg’s Wife Gladys Fires Sandra Smith And Says She Allowed Sandra To Have An Affair With Herb Monday September 8, 2014 Note: You can not access my videos/audio from a cell phone/tablet, I would have to pay for that service for you to be able to do that.

In response to the following on the Moving Forward Facebook Page and and after looking at the show listening to the audio. “There are many who do not think the firing of WHIG-TV Manager took place. Tonight I will share the audio recording of that meeting. Hear for yourself that it did in fact take place. Tune in at 9pm on WNCR-TV Suddenlink 20, Prism TV 41, Crystal Broadband 6, Greenlight 412 or online at”

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