Political Candidates I Can Help You Promote You!

Today September 13, 2014 Dancy Communications Network The DCN will pick and choose who gets promoted on my services. I have been there done that for many folks who in return has done nothing for me. I ain’t mad with you because I chose to do what I do and will continue to do what I do how and when I do it. But thinking about how I have promoted other folks and they move forward and never give back, I refuse to promote you to a certain degree. I will mention you however promoting and endorsing you will not be a given.

If you want to be promoted on The DCN which consist of my Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LikedIn Accounts and The popular DCN TV you need to contact me because I am going to begin a new thing.

Candidates I live on a highway that has much traffic going to Tarboro, Pinetops, Wilson and Rocky Mount so putting political signs in my yard is a good thing. Along with the signs promoting you on my Social Media sites daily/weekly and my mentioning you when I call in to local and statewide talk shows on the radio and tv almost weekly can be to your advantage.

Don’t get it twisted, I don’t have but one vote and I can vote for you but I have no control over who other folks vote for. But I can promote you making people aware of who you are and that you are running.

To be featured on The DCN you may contact me @ cdancyii@embarqmail.com, thedcn@embarqmail.com or (252)314-5484.

Out of Tarboro, a Heisman Trophy contender emerges in Georgia RB Todd Gurley – News & Observer

TARBORO — They used to play these great, long football games in a field next to the row of mailboxes and across the street from the trailers, Todd Gurley and the kids from the neighborhood, playing in a field in a mobile home park nestled between the railroad tracks and the highway.

The sounds. Trains rolling by. Cars speeding past. All off to somewhere else, maybe the Outer Banks, maybe somewhere west, hardly ever here. The sounds of children playing football. Darlene Simmons, Gurley’s mom, would pull up a lawn chair and sit and watch her son on that field, next to the mailboxes. (Source: Read more)

Audio of Firing Sandra Smith at WHIG-TV on MovingForward TV

The Political Agitator response: Last night Friday September 12 edition of MovingForward TV that audio of the firing of Sandra Smith at WHIG-TV on Monday September 8 by Herb’s wife was very interesting. Did I hear Herb Greenberg’s wife say to Sandra I allowed you to have an affair with my husband but she wanted to be friends with her. Herb’s wife said she had forgiven her. I have been hearing for years that Sandra was having an affair with Herbie but tonight I heard it come from Herbie’s wife Glady’s voice. But on Monday Herb’s wife said to Sandra you must give up the key and leave. Whew! Did you miss the show? Do you want to hear it for yourself? Audio Only: WHIG-TV Herb Greenberg’s Wife Gladys Fires Sandra Smith And Says She Allowed Sandra To Have An Affair With Herb Monday September 8, 2014 Note: You can not access my videos/audio from a cell phone/tablet, I would have to pay for that service for you to be able to do that.

In response to the following on the Moving Forward Facebook Page and and after looking at the show listening to the audio. “There are many who do not think the firing of WHIG-TV Manager took place. Tonight I will share the audio recording of that meeting. Hear for yourself that it did in fact take place. Tune in at 9pm on WNCR-TV Suddenlink 20, Prism TV 41, Crystal Broadband 6, Greenlight 412 or online at wncrtv41.com.”

Michael Brown Was No Angel – Neither Was I – HuffPost

The Political Agitator response: The following says enough I don’t need to add to or take away. “But after reading the Times profile, I thought it must be said. And it must be said by white people who themselves were no angels when they were young. And whose children are surely no angels now. Being a teenager is a time when many people take foolish risks and act stupid. It is a time for “grappling with problems and promise,” as the headline in the Times put it. In the world I came from, that was OK. I was allowed to make mistakes and still grow up to have a full and rich and meaningful life. Because I was white and privileged, I had time and space to grapple with my problems and the chance to fulfill my promise. Michael Brown, black and male, never will.”

Growing up, I was no angel.

Just ask my mom, who loves to tell stories about how she and my stepdad barely survived my teenage years. But they did survive — and more importantly, so did I. Despite some brushes with the law, I had a huge advantage: I was a white, upper-middle-class teenager. No cop ever pulled a gun on me.

As the Michael Brown tragedy begins to fade from the headlines, there is one story I can’t seem to shake. The day before his parents buried him, the New York Times ran a profile about the 18-year-old black teenager who was shot six times by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., and left for hours to bake on the hot pavement. At one point, the piece described Brown as “no angel.” (Source: Read more)