Dare to Dream – by William Reed Columnist

The Political Agitator response: Again I repeat that I support folks be they black or white when I agree with some things that they do, however that I disagree with I don’t support. So yes I would accept the part of Koch that I choose to and that I didn’t I would not accept.

Would you ever allow Charles Koch to mentor your children? A recent article in the Huffington Post, by Christina Wilkie and Joy Resmovits, discussed “How the Koch Brothers Are Buying Their Way into the Minds of Public School Students.” The article states that, Charles G. Koch, the billionaire chairman of Koch Industries, is funding a public high school course designed to turn young people into “liberty-advancing agents.” Instead of criticizing the program and suggesting Koch is engaged in some sinister plot, the question progressive Blacks should be considering is: What’s wrong with teaching teens how to become self-sufficient small business owners?

Politicians of both Democrat and Republican stripe talk about “jobs” as if they magically appear. For African Americans, the answer is creating more Black entrepreneurs, who will in turn create jobs in our communities and inspire others as well. Is Black antagonism toward Charles Koch so prevalent that if he was willing to help African Americans build a culture of excellence would Black dads and moms turn him down?

Koch-inspired high school or college-level youth who acquire basic principles in economics will provide America new entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs drive America’s economy and account for the majority of our nation’s new job creation and innovations. According to a Census Bureau Survey of Business Owners, self-employed individuals operate three-fourths of U.S. businesses. The Small Business Administration reports that America’s 25.8 million small businesses employ more than 50 percent of the private workforce, generate more than half of the nation’s gross domestic product, and are the principal source of new jobs.

Those Blacks focused on partisan politics don’t have the mindset to seek mentorship from one of the world’s most successful capitalist. Bloomberg News reported that Charles and David Koch have a net worth above $100 billion. The brothers are majority stakeholders in Koch Industries, the nation’s second-largest privately-owned company after Cargill Inc. Those Blacks looking to build a culture of and capacity for excellence are urged to look into Youth Entrepreneurs, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit charitable educational organization based in Wichita, Kansas. The organization aims to educate high school students and program alumni to provide them “with business and entrepreneurial education and experiences to prosper and become contributing members of society.” Youth Entrepreneurs was founded in 1991 by the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation as an eight-week course designed to improve the professional potential of at-risk students. Since its founding the organization has produced more than 10,000 Youth Entrepreneurs. Let’s be truthful, the majority of Blacks still look cockeyed at business concepts and enterprise operations. Youth Entrepreneurs’ official mission is to provide youth with “business and entrepreneurial education and experiences that help them prosper and become contributing members of society.”

Except for his father Fred Chase Koch, who could be better mentoring capitalistic principles and processes than Charles Koch? Mentoring is a process for informal transference of knowledge, social capital, and psychosocial support. While the Koch brothers are perhaps best known for their support of conservative political candidates and causes, they have a longstanding interest in education. Charles Koch is no friend of Black Democratic politicians. They have a tremendous disdain for the Koch ideology that proposes radical revision of the American education system. An opponent of big government Koch advocates promote: “the complete separation of education and state … government ownership, operation, regulation, and subsidy of schools and colleges should be ended.”

Whine “racism” if you want but, the only reason Blacks are “outside the loop” is because they never elected “to jump in.” It’s time more Blacks tap into established Koch-funded “free-enterprise” pipelines.   A student can take the Youth Entrepreneurship course in high school, participate in the Youth Entrepreneurship Academy to earn scholarship money and then use that money to pay for a degree from a Koch-funded university.

Black community leaders and groups that are interested in developing young peoples’ passion and skills to succeed in the marketplace are encouraged to contact: Youth Entrepreneurs Georgia, 133 Peachtree Street NE 32nd Floor, Atlanta, Ga. 30303 – Phone: (404) 652-3892, via email Scott.Brown@YEGeorgia.org

William Reed is publisher of “Who’s Who in Black Corporate America” and available for projects via the BaileyGroup.org

I just freed an innocent man from death row. And I’m still furious. – Washington Post

Watching an innocent client walk out of prison is every defense lawyer’s dream, especially for those of us who represent people condemned to die. This week, I got to watch my client, Henry McCollum, North Carolina’s longest serving death row inmate, regain his freedom after 30 years behind bars. New DNA evidence turned up by the N.C. Innocence Inquiry Commission proved that another man, a serial rapist and murderer, was the perpetrator in the crime for which Henry and his brother, Leon Brown, were sentenced to death in Robeson County in 1984.

Finally proving Henry and Leon’s innocence was a great victory, but what I cannot forget is that this case is, above all, a tragedy. Two innocent men — both intellectually disabled — spent three decades of their lives being, essentially, tortured by the state of North Carolina. (Source: Read more)

Todd Gurley: Small town star to superstar – The Penalty Flag

Former Tarboro high school and current University of Georgia running back started off as a small town football player, and has now emerged as a national superstar. In his senior year at Tarboro, he led his team to the 2A North Carolina State Championship. Gurley also won 2011 North Carolina Associated Press Player of the Year scoring 38 touchdowns and rushed for 2,600 yards. He was listed as the No. 5 running back prospect in his class and would sign with the Georgia Bulldogs.

In Gurley’s freshman year at Georgia, he rushed for 1,385 yards on 222 carries in addition scored 17 touchdowns. He is only the second true freshman to rush for over 1,000 yards in the history of Georgia Bulldog football the other being Herschel Walker. After his impressive freshman year, he was named first team All-SEC. (Source: Read more)

Judge blocks Ohio from limiting early voting Preliminary injunction restores 35-day period – The Blade

COLUMBUS — Ohio cannot enforce a new state law for this election that reduced the number of days available for voters to cast absentee ballots by mail or in person, a federal judge ordered today.

U.S. District Court Judge Peter C. Economus granted a preliminary injunction sought by the NAACP, the League of Women Voters of Ohio, and a group of African American ministers that effectively restores the full 35 days of early voting prior to the Nov. 4 general election.

He found that the law is likely unconstitutional even though the state argued that its absentee voting options are more liberal than most states in the nation. His order requires Secretary of State Jon Husted, a Republican, to add more evening voting hours and an additional Sunday to the hours he previously had set through a directive.  (Source: Read more)

Justice Dept. to probe Ferguson police force – Washington Post

Under Attorney General Eric Holder, the Justice Department has initiated twice as many reviews of police departments for possible constitutional violations as any of his predecessors. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

By Sari Horwitz, Carol D. Leonnig and Kimberly Kindy September 3 at 7:59 PM

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. this week will launch a broad civil rights investigation into the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department, according to two federal law enforcement officials.

The investigation, which could be announced as early as Thursday afternoon, will be conducted by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and follow a process similar to that used to investigate complaints of profiling and the use of excessive force in other police departments across the country, the officials said.

The announcement follows the shooting last month of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African American, by a white Ferguson police officer, who claimed he acted in self-defense. Brown, who was unarmed, was shot at least six times on the afternoon of Aug. 9. (Source: Read more)

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