Obama crafting plan for ISIS threat in Syria – msnbc

The Political Agitator response: This is why I love my President because he is a strong intelligent black man who is a Professional and Kind to the people. You see he does not get caught up in the political bullsh+t that Ignant A+s Racist White Folks and Ignant A+s Safe Negroes throw at him. I strive to be just like him and I think I am on my way. Hell no I am not ashamed of my President because he is the man, one of the best President’s we have ever had or if not the best. Damn I can’t wait for responses from the Ignants!

For good or ill, President Obama sometimes offers candid, shorthand assessments without much regard for how they’ll be perceived by the political world – or how easily the comments might be taken out of context. From a distance, I get the sense he just doesn’t care what offhand phrase might send the Beltway into a tizzy and generate a half-dozen Politico items. After nearly six years on the job, Obama just seems to have bigger things on his mind.

But those of us who regularly swim in these waters – and who’ve internalized Republican talking points to the point at which we can visualize Fox News segments before they even air – tend to see the pointless uproars coming.

Take yesterday, for example. (Source: Read more)

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