Another ‘Red’ State Admits They Were WRONG About Obamacare, Quietly Accepts Medicaid Expansion

The Political Agitator response: Time will always take care of things. The problem I have with how things are played out is not from the point of how some white folks don’t want to do what is right but the problem I have is when Ignant A+s Safe Negroes sign off on their bullsh+t. But the same Ignant A+s Safe Negroes benefits from what is right but continue to walk around like they are on another level above most black folks. These Ignant A+s Safe Negroes can’t do sh+t for me but sit down and shut the hell up because I ain’t got to deal with them. When good white folks and good black folks begin to stand up for what is morally right then and only then will we move forward in the best interest of all folks. President Obama has tried to take this country to another level but he has been disrespected and the sad part is Ignant A+s Safe Negroes are in denial about what is going on around them.

Remember earlier this year, around the time news of the ACA roll-out’s success were starting to trickle in, when Republicans finally started revealing their true fears about it?

Rand Paul summed it up nicely:

“People get assumed and accustomed to receiving things, particularly things that they get for free.”

Or, to paraphrase: “We’re terrified people will like it, and then we’ll all look like idiots.”

After the roll-out, fully half the states in the U.S., all of them controlled by Tea-baiting GOP lawmakers refused federal funds to expand Medicaid in their states. A good move from a political demagogue’s point of view…maybe not so much for the people of those disproportionately impoverished states, who were left asking, “Why are we still dying because you won’t give us the medical care we’re legally due?

Of course, those with any degree of reason knew that that wouldn’t last forever, especially considering the fact that most of the poorest states in the Union are controlled by the GOP. Arkansas and Iowa were among the first opt-out states to opt back in under pressure from the public, adopting modified “private option” plans that can utilize the Medicaid money offered by the Fed to pay for or subsidize private insurance. (Source: Read more)

Majority of DPD officers live outside Durham – The Durham Herald

DURHAM —City Manager Tom Bonfield’s report on police issues gave the City Council and key political groups another one to chew on, namely whether enough of Durham’s cops actually live in the city.
Bonfield pointed out that city residents are a minority on the Durham Police Department’s force of sworn officers, holding down 216 of its 520 roster slots. That’s just short of 42 percent.
City residents are even more in the minority of the department’s recent recruits.
Its police academy has accepted 185 recruits since August 2010. Of those, only 51 – a bit less than 28 percent – came from the city.
The manager addressed the issue because the city’s Human Relations Commission, in a report on racial-profiling allegations, recommended that the Police Department in its recruiting “create a pipeline to employment” for city residents. (Source: Read more)

A Canadian’s View On Our Disrespect Of President Obama’s Presidency – The Fifth Column

The Political Agitator response: Damn this is too gooood! But the sad part some intelligent ignant a+s black folks don’t even understand that they are being treated the same way in corporate America. I am not ignant to how I am being treated. Damn shame!

There was a time not so long ago when Americans, regardless of their political stripes, rallied round their president. Once elected, the man who won the White House was no longer viewed as a republican or democrat, but the President of the United States. The oath of office was taken, the wagons were circled around the country’s borders and it was America versus the rest of the world with the president of all the people at the helm.

Suddenly President Barack Obama, with the potential to become an exceptional president has become the glaring exception to that unwritten, patriotic rule.

Four days before President Obama’s inauguration, before he officially took charge of the American government, Rush Limbaugh boasted publicly that he hoped the president would fail. Of course, when the president fails the country flounders. Wishing harm upon your country in order to further your own narrow political views is selfish, sinister and a tad treasonous as well. (Source: Read more)

When dealing with folks whom you have to deal with you got to be Professional and Kind!

The thing is you must be careful to pick and choose the right words when you are dealing with certain folks. I am a Professional and Kind to them and they are learning that. They have tried several times over a period of 2 months and ongoing to get me but they can’t because I change gears and when I deal with certain folks.

No matter how tough the situation gets I will not allow myself to lose control of the situation because once you do that, then they can use it against you and make it all about you and not the situation at hand.

When I leave the meetings I pat my damn self on the back and say damnit now I was gooood!

For those who want to attempt to discredit my Professionalism and Kindness:

Now Run and Tell That!