Racism And Injustice Is Alive And Well But Some Folks Don’t Get It, In Denial Or Don’t Give A Damn

Racism and injustice is alive and well so you can act like you don’t know. Keep on listening to Ignant Racist A+s White Folks and Ignant A+s Safe Negroes who want to twist the truth and be the next victim. Some folks say why you always running your damn mouth and I say because I am gonna let them know that I ain’t the one so when they come after me they better come correct. But for those who make the mistake and come after me because they don’t know me, their a+s gonna learn the day.

Most black folks that I know learned about racism and injustice from their parents but when one get of age, hell they have either experienced it or seen someone else experience it. But you see s+it ain’t real until it hit home for them and then they want folks like myself whom will speak out to stop what the hell I am doing and come to their rescue. Well I am going to come to their rescue because I profess to be my brother’s keeper but after I talk s+it to their a+s. Hell yeah! When you come to me, then you will get all of me. Curmilus Dancy II – Wednesday August 20, 2014

“You don’t understand! I ain’t scared of you . . .” Bernie Mac

Now Run & Tell That!

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