Law Enforcement’s Shameful Campaign Against Black America – AfricanGlobe

AFRICANGLOBE – On Aug. 12, 2013, a federal court in New York found that the NYPD’s use of the stop-and-frisk practice was unconstitutional racial profiling. Almost one year to the day later, police gunned down Michael Brown — an 18-year-old, unarmed black man — during a street stop in Missouri. Don’t miss the connection, or the cycle of government violence against Black Americans might never end.

Michael Brown’s death at the hands of police comes at a time when Black people in Missouri have faced increased targeting by the police. The editorial board of the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported last week that Black drivers in Missouri were 66 percent more likely than Whites to be stopped by the police in 2013 — a dramatic increase from 2000, when Black people were only 30 percent more likely to be stopped. Black people were also more likely than Whites to be searched. (Source: Read more)

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The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Time

Ferguson is not just about systemic racism—it’s about class warfare, and how America’s poor are held back.

Will the recent rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, be a tipping point in the struggle against racial injustice, or will it be a minor footnote in some future grad student’s thesis on Civil Unrest in the Early Twenty-First Century?

The answer can be found in May of 1970. (Source: Read more)

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Centurylink Internet

I am so damn sick of Centurylink internet. Damn it makes no sense how slow they are.

Damn I hope another internet service comes to Pinetops because if not I may as well turn off the service and just use my phone as a Hotspot like I am during as I type. Makes not sense. I know Centurylink ought to be able to do something to get the services better in the rural areas of Edgecombe County.

Ferguson Missouri: Missouri Police Captain Expresses Solidarity With Ferguson At Rally – TPM

The Political Agitator now this is Real Talk. Cpt. Johnson has been real everytime I have seen him speak.

Missouri state Highway Patrol Cpt. Ron Johnson, who is leading police operations in ferguson, address the crowd at a rally for Michael Brown in a Ferguson church, expressing sympathy for the Brown family and solidarity with the community.

“My heart goes out to you, and I say that I’m sorry. And I wear this uniform, and I should stand up here and say that I’m sorry,” Johnson began in his speech at the Greater Grace Church.

Johnson grew up in Ferguson, and told the community members gathered to honor Brown that he would continue to protect them.

“This is my neighborhood. You are my family. You are my friends. And I am you,” he said. “I will stand and protect you. I will protect your right to protest.” (Source: Read more)

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Hell Yeah I Said It! Social Media Folks So What Do You Really Stand For?

You folks who get on Social Media that are always talking about you stand for this and you stand for that what in the hell do you really stand for?

You talk that religious talk and you go to a candlelight vigil and/or a march but you ain’t saying anything.

We have a free resource in social media and we all ought to be utilizing it to make a difference in our communities and abroad. I don’t play these games on social media and it pisses me the hell off when I get a game request.

I look at your social media posts you make and I look at what you respond to and damn you ain’t saying anything. You don’t make posts or comment on posts that some call controversial but for me ain’t a damn thing controversial when it comes to speaking Truth to Power. This makes you a Safe Negro because you are an Afraid Negro. So, “If You Are Scared Say It and Get the Hell Out Of The Way!” You see you are a dangerous Negro and you will get somebody that stand for something hurt or killed. I be damn if I can walk with you. Matter of a fact I don’t want to be around you and if you notice you haven’t seen me.

Now don’t get it twisted because I ain’t talking about everybody but those on social media that I can identify, I am only talking about them. You see I know you and you know me and if I don’t know you, I check you out. I tell folks to check me out as well. I don’t walk with folks if I don’t already know them so when I don’t, I check them out.

I continue to post that if anyone have a problem with me then they can delete me or ignore me. I am tired of folks perpetrating. I am not going to delete or ignore you when you are misleading folks on social media.

“You don’t understand!” Bernie Mac

The moment you understand what is going on around you and the role you play, the better off you will be!

Ferguson Missouri – These Are Some Good Discussions Please Watch For Yourself

The Debate – US Racial Discrimination (P.1) 

The Debate – US Racial Discrimination (P.2)

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Ferguson Missouri: One shot, seven arrested as violence flares in Ferguson –

Ferguson (United States) (AFP) – One person was shot and seven people were arrested as police battled to impose a curfew in the riot-hit US town of Ferguson on Sunday, one week after the racially-charged shooting of an unarmed black teenager.

Police in the strife-torn Missouri community said the shooting victim was in critical condition after being shot by an unidentified attacker.

The incident came as police used smoke bombs and tear gar to disperse around 200 demonstrators who had defied a curfew imposed by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. (Source: Read more)

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Police Officer Kills One of Us vs One of Us Kills One of Us, Are You Confused? I Damn Sure Ain’t Because Cash Is Right On!

Note: I stole this off of Cash Michaels Facebook page. It was not written as an editorial just a comment. I am posting it as is so read the damn message and get the damn point. I responded to such a statement a couple of days ago on the radio and on a tv station. Now Cash gets it. “You don’t understand!” Bernie Mac But the moment you do the better off you will be and you will not make further ignant statements.

There seems to be some confusion about why we get massively upset when a police officer kills one of us, versus when one of us kills one of us. The answer is really simple – WE’RE ALREADY massively upset about black-on-black crime. WE’RE ALREADY massively upset when young, innocent children in our community are killed in senseless, needless acts of violence. And we’re certainly massively tired and upset that everyday in our community, we have to bury another one of our young people because of wanton violence. Indeed, it SICKENS US. AND YES, we’ve marched our streets, started youth programs, advocated for more youth opportunities, gotten the churches that want to be involved involved. We have worked hard against the grain and the tide of despair which comes with illegal drugs and guns THAT COME FROM THE OUTSIDE INTO OUR COMMUNITIES. We have tried to develop partnerships with government and law enforcement to rid our community of the very things that tear families apart, and make our streets killing fields. We do promote education as the key towards giving our young people better choices. We even work with the formally incarcerated, helping them to turn their backs on crime, and forge ahead towards productive lives. To be clear, we, as a community, are so, so exhausted from the constant struggle of just trying to achieve and maintain what is considered to be a drug-and-violence-free normalcy, that we’ve admittedly become numb to the constant loss of young life, the ever present sadness compounded to such an extent that, as if we’re working in an emergency room, we hear and see AND feel the tragedy, but yet our collective survival mechanism won’t allow us to repeatedly grieve at each and every instance. The wanton slaughter of ourselves has unfortunately, and regretfully become the norm. Changing that norm of our youth killing each other, is the mission we’re so desperately trying to solve. And yet, we’re keen enough to understand the difference between some stupid fool of a kid thinking that the power of life and death is his, and when someone we depend on for the ultimate safety of our community hides behind the color of law to take our lives at will. The badge still means something to our community. We still respect good, honest, committed law enforcement, and we’re proud when some of our own join the force for the purpose of protecting their community. AND THAT’S why, when someone with the badge decides to violate that trust society insists we invest in him, it shakes our foundation.If an agent of the state can kill any of us at will without sanction, then as we struggle to save our community from within, who can we trust to maintain order and justice from outside? Who is really there to protect our rights as American citizens if the government itself is violating our constitutional rights? What meaning is the law, when the law is targeting you, and those like you, with injustice, terror and death? When there is clear evidence that those who represent the law are targeting you, then YES, you need LEADERSHIP to stand up and speak out to challenge that injustice. Getting on CNN or FOX to stop black-on-black crimes is fruitless because they are outside of the community. They have no investment in your community. The violence that occurs IN our community must be resolved BY our community IN our community, or else it isn’t our community anymore. So if one gangbanger kills another on my block, I shouldn’t expect to see Rev. Al or Jesse on the corner the next day. I need to be out there, with my neighbors and area churches and businesses, talking about what we can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.Jesse and Al have led “Stop the Violence” marches and movements many times before in an effort to spark local efforts, so this business of saying they’ve done nothing is false. They make it a point of only getting involved in situations they’ve been invited to get involved in. That’s one of the reasons you rarely see either one of them in North Carolina. Rev. Barber has this territory covered, and told them so. So blaming them as ambulance chasers – that dog don’t hunt! But when there is a question of whether the law is targeting us, that has to be played out on a much larger canvas, and the only way to draw attention to it, and ultimately build pressure for change, is to go visible, meaning you use every weapon at your disposal, including them if you decide to. So let’s be clear – stopping black-on-black violence is a community effort we have to solve in concert with our local governments and law enforcement. We have to fight for more opportunities for our young people, and quite frankly for our entire community. People with good jobs don’t have time to create havoc because they’re building families and communities. Better educational opportunities for our children IN our communities further creates hope. Leaving the four walls of the church, and going to our young people with a strong message of hope is very important. Getting the flow of illegal drugs and guns off our streets is key. Getting our businesses involved in training and creating opportunities is essential. Getting our media to become more constructive and supportive of the community in the transmission of their messages is vital. Voting in the right representation at election time is essential. None of the above is Jesse or Al’s job. ALL of it is OUR job collectively! And instead questioning what they’re doing and why, why aren’t their critics showing us what THEY’RE doing, because if they’re doing something better, everyone would know about it by now! I’m looking for the courage in our community to face our demons and win, while leadership gives voice to our broader concerns in the most effective ways they know how. CAN AND WILL WE DO IT? That’s the REAL question at hand!

Pinetops, NC – SouthWest Edgecombe Parents Football Season Is About To Begin And Then It Will Be Basketball

This is why I ask for donations from time to time as I volunteer my services for the children and recording local meetings for the adults. So don’t think that I want your money to buy me things, I work a real job and 7 days a week unless I don’t volunteer to work. You see you don’t have to like me but you ought to like what I do. But for those who are haters, I have been doing what I do for years now and I am going to continue sacrificing my time, equipment and etc.

On Thursday August 21, 2014 SouthWest JV football will begin with the 1st game at Southern Nash High School. My son and atleast 1 of his friends or more normally go with us to the games. I will probably video the football games however I really just video basketball games. Football coach has their own cameraman.

Parents if you see me videoing games you need to ask about a copy of the games before the season is over because once the season is over I move on to the videoing another sport. I don’t get paid to video these games and football I just video them for myself. However basketball season I video for the coaches.

I volunteer my services using my equipment, furnish all of the DVDs, pay for my gas and food. Football games are twice a week and one game a night however basketball games are twice a week and I am really suppose to video the girls games. I video all or some of the JV boys basketball games if I get there from work in time. I video the varsity girls games and since I am there anyway I video the varsity boys games also.

During the basketball games, I normally make copies of the JV boys game while videoing the varsity girls games and make copies of the girls game while videoing the varsity boys games.

I repeat parents if you want a copy of the videos you need to get with me early on. My time is valuable and I video other things like meetings during the week also so I may not have time to go back and make copies in a timely fashion.

SWE players, parents and fans, I look forward to seeing you this week as the season begins.

My contact

(252) 314-5484 Cell – 24 hrs. a day

3-judge panel system could shake up NC courts – News & Observer

After passing laws imposing new conditions on abortions and elections, taking away teacher tenure and providing vouchers for private school tuition, Republican state legislators have seen those policies stymied in state and federal courtrooms.

So they have passed another law, this one making those kinds of lawsuits less likely to succeed when filed in state court. Beginning in September, all constitutional challenges to laws will be heard by three-judge trial court panels appointed by the chief justice of the state Supreme Court. (Source: Read more)