Ferguson Missouri – Missouri State Senator Tweets ‘F*ck You’ To Governor Jay Nixon Over Ferguson – HuffPost

A Missouri state senator who was tear-gassed while protesting in Ferguson, Missouri, vented her frustration with Gov. Jay Nixon (D) in blunt terms early Thursday morning.

Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D), who represents parts of Ferguson, was angry enough at the way that Nixon had handled the situation in Ferguson that she tweeted “FUCK you” to the governor early Thursday morning, also telling him to “get on your knees.”

Since the Saturday shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager, by a Ferguson police officer, there have been nightly protests by community members upset at not only what they see as an unjustified killing, but also the heavy-handed police response to the unrest.

The tweets all came before Nixon visited Ferguson on Thursday and announced the Missouri Highway Patrol would assume control of policing in the town. (Source: Read more)


Ferguson Missouri – Jaywalking? So Why Show The Robbery Video?

The Political Agitator Response: Damn the chief is not saying anything to make the people feel better if anything he is making things worse.

When Thomas Jackson, the police chief of Ferguson, Missouri, talked to reporters this morning, it was mostly to give information about Michael Brown, not the shooting that killed Michael Brown. Jackson shared the name of the officer who shot the unarmed teen, Darren Wilson, but also released details about Brown allegedly stealing cigars from a convenience store shortly before his death.

But something didn’t seem quite right. Earlier in the week, the police chief also said Brown had not been stopped by police because of any criminal activity. So, if Wilson had no idea Brown was accused of stealing cigars just minutes before their encounter, why was the teenager approached in the first place? For jaywalking. (Source: Read more)

A Mother’s White Privilege – Manic Pixie Dream Mama

As the ongoing events in Ferguson, Missouri show us, America’s racial tensions didn’t disappear when George Wallace backed down from the schoolhouse door. Dr. King didn’t wave a magic wand, and we never got together to feel all right. White America remembers this at ugly flashpoints: the Rodney King beatings, the OJ Simpson trial, the Jena Six, Trayvon Martin’s death. White America recoils in horror not at the crimes – though the crimes are certainly horrible. It’s not the teenagers gunned down, the police abuse, the corrupt trials. It’s this: at these sudden, raw moments, in these riots and demonstrations and travesties of justice, White America is forced to gaze upon the emotional roil of oppression, the anger and fear and deep grief endemic to the Black American experience. Black America holds up a mirror for us. (Source: Read more)

Female Pastor Shot with Rubber Bullet by Police During Protest – BNR

A female pastor had a rubber bullet tear into her flesh as she tried to mediate between police and protesters in Ferguson. Renita Lamkin told the Huffington Post, she was shot by police while standing in the street between protesters and police. She was telling police, “They’re moving, they’re leaving,” as protesters were trying to disperse.

“And then there was a pop!” she said, as a rubber bullet struck her stomach. The tension between police and protesters have been on the rise since the shooting death of Michael Brown. Last night the tension snapped when the police showed up in full body armor, and tanks, training their sniper rifles on the crowd. As the evening progressed the police tried to wrangle the crowd, causing a lot of confusion and fear, eventually unleashing tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters and reporters. On Instagram, Tef Poe posted a collage of Lamkin with these words: (Source: Read more)

When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victims – HuffPosts

On the afternoon of Aug. 9, a police officer fatally shot an unarmed, black teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri. Details remain in dispute. Eyewitnesses have said that Brown was compliant with police and was shot while he had his hands up. Police maintain that the 18-year-old had assaulted an officer and was reaching for the officer’s gun. One thing clear, however, is that Brown’s death follows a disturbingly common trend of black men being killed, often while unarmed and at the hands of police officers, security guards and vigilantes.  (Source: Read more)