Yejide Eshe’ Asked The Following On Her Facebook Page, Good Question!

The Political Agitator response: I totally agree it is not all about the  drug culture and gangs. But the only way to find out what is behind it all is to get to the whole story. Each shooting and killing, unless we know the whole story and not just what is printed in the paper and that is spoken by others who are just talking, it will always appear that all of these guys are or were on drugs and/or in a gang. Let’s try to get the whole story and let’s talk about it. But who does that? Everybody is afraid to talk about what is really going on. I remember when I was at work and I received a phone call about a local pastor’s son and 2 more young men getting killed in a car accident the first thing I said was I hope it was not drug or gang related. I said if they were just drinking, okay young guys be they in the church or whatever they are young and they go out and drink until they find themselves so that’s okay. I don’t know what happened but I know what I read in the paper and what I have heard from folks who are not just folks that are talking but folks who are church folks and folks who are working and are good peoples. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth… For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it: Patrick Henry

Yejide Eshe’

Question – Rocky Mount: Three shootings in two days; one dead. Nobody is going to convince me that it’s all about the drug culture and gangs. Why are our men killing each other, REALLY? It’s deeper than gangs and drugs.


Don’t Take My Kindness For My Weakness

On Monday July 28, 2014, on Thursday July 31, Friday August 1 and on Thursday August 8, 2014 I made some changes. Those involved know what I am talking about. You need to understand that it was you who brought us to this point so don’t go there with me because I ain’t the one.

I don’t bother folks and folks ain’t gonna bother me and when you do you better understand that I am going to defend myself. I am gonna continue to handle my business so if you ain’t ready, please don’t go there.

I am about handling my business from all legal aspects.

“You don’t understand!” Bernie Mac

However the moment you understand who I am, the better off you will be.

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