Open Letter To Mrs. Adelle Greene Don’t Go There With Me

Mrs. Greene you called in tonight on WNCR TV 41 Moving Forward Talk Show trying to discredit me because of a situation we had that you got ignant with me after I had did a favor for you. You and your husband begged me for almost an entire week Sunday up until Friday and your event was on the next day.

The weekend in question was my wedding anniversary and my son was gone to a wedding in South Carolina so my wife and I could have spent time together and maybe went out of town if nowhere but to Durham to visit our daughter or to New Bern where my in-laws live. But I spent from 2:00 PM videoing and preparing the video and photos until about 8 PM that Saturday evening. When I left Rocky Mount you had 2 DVDs and a CD with over 500 photos. And then on that Sunday my wife and I went out to eat and this is when your harassing phone calls began while we were at a restaurant. After you hung up your husband called and I made it clear to him that I told you I was not going to change anything because I did what I was suppose to do and what you were complaining about had nothing to do with me.

I committed to doing what you asked although I didn’t want to. But since I have been knowing you almost all of my 51 years, I did it out of you being an old neighbor. You have threatened me and I have all of the voicemails and even 2 that I have not even listened to. You have called my cell phone and house phone with threatening phone calls that I have and you talk about me repeating myself. The damn voicemails you left repeating yourself although your husband left a couple was the repeating of the same threatening messages.

During the time of your threats I was communicating with your daughter who understood and also asked me to don’t expose you. But here you go again 1 month and 4 days after receiving the last threatening phone call of 10 total atleast, you call in tonight trying to discredit me because you have a personal vendetta against me that went no where. Don’t go there with me because I will make these voicemails public. This is not a THREAT but a PROMISE!

If I was to make the voicemails public you will not be able to be a teacher’s aide in Edgecombe and Nash Counties ever again. Since I have a child in the Edgecombe County Public Schools system just maybe I need to take some actions because since my son has my name and you just may try to take it out on him. Since your call tonight, I feel I may need to contact the schools and make them aware that I don’t want you in a classroom that my child is in and could go as far as in a school that he is in.

You were warned not to contact me anymore via phone calls and you were told that I could file harassing phone call charges against you. I chose not to although you made some strong threats and even calling leaving a message for my wife as if I am a damn child. I am a 51 year old grown ass man so don’t go there with me. I have not disrespected you and when I was told that I ought to file charges against you, I said I am trying to let it go. I said if you wanted to go to court, then I would wait you out and share with the judge and those in the courtroom how you threatened me because you thought you could going to get over on me.

I have not heard anything from you since July 3rd so I thought you were going to act like a grown woman because you are old enough to be my mother.

Because of the threats I have lost all respect for you and your husband so don’t go there with me because I will expose you.

“You don’t understand!” Bernie Mac

Now Run and Tell That!

Homegoing Celebration For Wilma L. Hawkins Enfield NC

My condolences goes out to Jo Ann Hawkins and the entire family of the late Wilma L. Hawkins Enfield, NC.

Jo Ann my co-worker at Honeywell Inc. I know what you are going through been there and I am only a phone call away.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: The Storm Is Over Now – Kirk Franklin

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