The Word “I!” Hell Yeah I Can Use The Word “I!” Mr. James Moore Chief Rocky Mount Police Department

imageLast week I attended this forum and I found it to be quite interesting. I learned some things however much of it I was very much familiar with.

I remember back in the late 80’s I used to write lots of editorials and I believe they began with responding to former Highway Patrol T.C. Cherry and former Edgecombe County Commissioner when he used to write letters to editor. He wrote one about the old Winn Dixie on Fairview Road where the Roses is located now. He said folks were stealing and that the store would not be there long if it continued as it did. Yes it eventually closed. Well I said they better watch the folks working there because they could be major contributors to the items getting missing. This was one of the things that was emphasized during the presentation by the presenters during the forum crime from within.

I made a comment towards the end of the forum how I enjoyed the forum but why were not more ministers and others present to hear this? I know it was for businesses but everyone ought to be concerned about the crime on businesses. I took time off from my job to go hear the message. I said how could the message be conveyed to the folks not present because the people needed to know the impact of crime on businesses because everyone has a role they can play.

The lady presiding at the time thought it was a good question. Well the Rocky Mount Police Chief James Moore said the message is always in the newspaper and on the city website. I said everyone don’t get the newspaper and everyone don’t go to the city website. I said many folks tell me they don’t read the newspaper until they go to my blog to see what articles I have highlighted. I said but if it was presented at a church or some type of gathering where the people are they could get the message. I said I am always speaking up for Rocky Mount although I don’t live in Rocky Mount.

Chief Moore said well the forum today was for businesses and he didn’t want anyone to leave and forget that. I said ok however I was reading the newspaper on the way to the meeting and I seen where 9 – 15 new businesses (restaurants) were coming to Rocky Mount by the end of 2015 but the negative folks keep saying ain’t no businesses coming to Rocky Mount because of the crime.

Again I  was not ignant to the fact of what the forum was for and I was in no ways trying to make anyone leave and forget what the forum was for. I thought my damn comments were in line with what all he had said about Chicago and other places as he responded to a question by city manager Charles Penny. Hell much of his response to him and my comments were pretty much in line but I guess they were not. But some folks told me they appreciated my comments and that they truly thought I was on point. 

The Chief went on to say that he read my blog and that he didn’t have the convenience of using the word “I” so frequently. Well damn sir, I am representing myself and you are representing Rocky Mount Police Department so how in the hell can you compare me to you? Hell yeah I can say “I!” everyday because I am representing my views, opinions and etc. based on facts and not emotions only.

I usually video all the public events I attend however I was told that I couldn’t video this one. I wish I could have since I made a comment and could actually have played back word for word what the Chief said and what I said.

I learned during the forum that the Chief read my blog faithfully since he stated it during the forum. I feel so honored. So since the Chief read my blog, he should read this message however I am quite sure my haters will make sure he get to read it.

Now let me get back to doing what “I!” was doing. I have no problem with talking about what “I!” do because if I don’t talk about it who in the hell is? I can tell my story better than anyone else. I don’t need folks coming to my funeral talking about what I did because I am going to tell it all before I die so folks can’t stand up and say all these damn things about me after I am dead but was hating on me while I live. I know in the black community the myth is if you talk about what you do you are bragging and trying to make a name for yourself. Well call it what the hell ever because I am The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it.

Now haters, “Run and Tell That!”

2 thoughts on “The Word “I!” Hell Yeah I Can Use The Word “I!” Mr. James Moore Chief Rocky Mount Police Department

  1. I was there at the Business forum. While sitting there listening to two of the most boring and worthless presentations from Chief Moore and Sheriff Knight I wondered why I was wasting my time there. Those two ‘professionals’ offered nothing more than canned information on “internet safety” from 2008 and principles of law enforcement Edge-ah-ma-comb style.
    Finally, Mr. van de Lippe offered spectacular information and insight into how businesses get robbed from the inside and out. Great information, statistics and proof to back up his theories. And his recounts of previous busts were both educational and somewhat amusing.
    Then this small man starts rambling about himself and his blog and himself and essentially being a narcissistic buttinsky and low and behold – it was you. I’ve never seen or met you in public before and well – first impressions and all that. To say you added value to the conversation is like saying you added your breath to the wind. Halitosis that is.


    • LMBAO!

      I bet you were not there and looked at it on WHIG! Better yet you may have been there because you may have been from . . . LMBAO!

      I ain’t gonna waste my time responding to your ignant ass. Typical have a problem with 3 strong black men.

      Now Run and Tell That!


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