Now if the watermelons I have seen in stores sell for $5.00 I ought to be able to sell these for $10.00.

Nope my daddy would not let me do that! I know he better not give anymore way.




Updated: Good News! Anthony Clark


Photo: March 9, 2013 at a NCREWG meeting in Warren County.

How ironic Anthony is standing in front of a photo of President Barack Obama. I first met Anthony when he had tickets for me and some others to get on the football field at NC Central University during Obama’s first campaign stop in NC.

Latest update: Katris Clark posted the following on her facebook page a couple of hours ago. “My daddy woke up…. thank God! He is in and out of consciousness because of his meds but is able to respond to instructions…and that’s a good thing!!”

Katris Clark posted the following on her facebook page today. “My daddy’s is out of surgery (triple bypass). The surgery itself went well. He’s still in recovery and hasn’t come around yet. Thank you to all that included him in your prayers… Please continue to pray for his recovery.”

Anthony is in Vidant Hospital former Pitt Memorial Hospital In Greenville NC.

The Word “I!” Hell Yeah I Can Use The Word “I!” Mr. James Moore Chief Rocky Mount Police Department

imageLast week I attended this forum and I found it to be quite interesting. I learned some things however much of it I was very much familiar with.

I remember back in the late 80’s I used to write lots of editorials and I believe they began with responding to former Highway Patrol T.C. Cherry and former Edgecombe County Commissioner when he used to write letters to editor. He wrote one about the old Winn Dixie on Fairview Road where the Roses is located now. He said folks were stealing and that the store would not be there long if it continued as it did. Yes it eventually closed. Well I said they better watch the folks working there because they could be major contributors to the items getting missing. This was one of the things that was emphasized during the presentation by the presenters during the forum crime from within.

I made a comment towards the end of the forum how I enjoyed the forum but why were not more ministers and others present to hear this? I know it was for businesses but everyone ought to be concerned about the crime on businesses. I took time off from my job to go hear the message. I said how could the message be conveyed to the folks not present because the people needed to know the impact of crime on businesses because everyone has a role they can play.

The lady presiding at the time thought it was a good question. Well the Rocky Mount Police Chief James Moore said the message is always in the newspaper and on the city website. I said everyone don’t get the newspaper and everyone don’t go to the city website. I said many folks tell me they don’t read the newspaper until they go to my blog to see what articles I have highlighted. I said but if it was presented at a church or some type of gathering where the people are they could get the message. I said I am always speaking up for Rocky Mount although I don’t live in Rocky Mount.

Chief Moore said well the forum today was for businesses and he didn’t want anyone to leave and forget that. I said ok however I was reading the newspaper on the way to the meeting and I seen where 9 – 15 new businesses (restaurants) were coming to Rocky Mount by the end of 2015 but the negative folks keep saying ain’t no businesses coming to Rocky Mount because of the crime.

Again I  was not ignant to the fact of what the forum was for and I was in no ways trying to make anyone leave and forget what the forum was for. I thought my damn comments were in line with what all he had said about Chicago and other places as he responded to a question by city manager Charles Penny. Hell much of his response to him and my comments were pretty much in line but I guess they were not. But some folks told me they appreciated my comments and that they truly thought I was on point. 

The Chief went on to say that he read my blog and that he didn’t have the convenience of using the word “I” so frequently. Well damn sir, I am representing myself and you are representing Rocky Mount Police Department so how in the hell can you compare me to you? Hell yeah I can say “I!” everyday because I am representing my views, opinions and etc. based on facts and not emotions only.

I usually video all the public events I attend however I was told that I couldn’t video this one. I wish I could have since I made a comment and could actually have played back word for word what the Chief said and what I said.

I learned during the forum that the Chief read my blog faithfully since he stated it during the forum. I feel so honored. So since the Chief read my blog, he should read this message however I am quite sure my haters will make sure he get to read it.

Now let me get back to doing what “I!” was doing. I have no problem with talking about what “I!” do because if I don’t talk about it who in the hell is? I can tell my story better than anyone else. I don’t need folks coming to my funeral talking about what I did because I am going to tell it all before I die so folks can’t stand up and say all these damn things about me after I am dead but was hating on me while I live. I know in the black community the myth is if you talk about what you do you are bragging and trying to make a name for yourself. Well call it what the hell ever because I am The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it.

Now haters, “Run and Tell That!”

Just Because I Hold My Head Up High And Be There For Other Folks You Don’t Know My Story

For the past 2 months I have been having to endure some things. On yesterday I received a confirmation that if you just trust, believe and keep the faith that things will work out.

Although a few weeks ago I was trying to figure out why I was going through this test, as the days went by my daddy revealed some things drastically and was coming so fast I couldn’t hardly stand it. Although I don’t serve him as I should, he has been so good to me.

Even in spite of all that I was going through, I was there volunteering my time with others while they were going through some things as well. You see when you are a strong black man you can carry not only your burdens but you can share in others burdens as well. I receive calls, emails, facebook messages and etc. from folks who have personal problems and they call me for advice and I respond to them although I have my own issues. But you see my joy comes from being a blessing to other folks. I truly believe I was put here for a short while to be a blessing to others and in return I receive my blessings even though it gets rough sometimes.

I wouldn’t give nothing for my journey because I know who I am and whose I am so you can come after me all you want but you better come correct because my daddy is a powerful man and he watches over me.

It is a bad feeling when folks ask you how you are doing and you are being strong and responding by saying it is all well. However it was the truth but the issue at hand was there even though I knew that things were going to work out, the road was not easy. I had to endure some things and had to be on my best behavior because I had to show some folks that I am a professional.

When I get weak, as I travel to and fro and when I am by myself, I listen to some good gospel music and it keeps me sane. Join me and listen to a song that speaks to what I have been through for the past 2 months. You Don’t Know My Story by John P. Kee

Wilson NC: $1.2 billion deal would cut NCEMPA debt 70 percent to about $480 million – Wilson Times

N.C. Eastern Municipal Power Agency and Duke Energy Progress agreed to a $1.2 billion deal officials believe could lead to lower electric bills for residential and business customers in the 32 cities and towns NCEMPA serves in eastern North Carolina.

The potentially landmark agreement would substantially reduce but not completely wipe out the much-publicized debt that’s driven up electric bills throughout the region.

The announcement came down Monday morning that both companies’ boards had signed off on a pact for Duke Energy to purchase NCEMPA’s generating assets.

"This is a big deal, in both size and impact,” said Grant W. Goings, Wilson city manager and member of the Electricities Board of Directors. "It is too early to project a specific rate decrease. We do not know exactly what our wholesale rates will be and NCEMPA has not yet determined how the remaining debt burden will be distributed among the 32 members.” (Source: Read More)

Tarboro NC – As I Read Some Ignant Comments On Tarboro 27886 Facebook Page, My Ignant Butt Trying To Figure Out How The Following Be Accusations/Allegations?

I strongly feel that Sarah Peveler is Right On! by starting a petition to ask the current Taboro Town Mayor Rick Page (former Electric Department Director) to step down since he will not do it on his own. Some say this is being the judge and jury. Hell I say it is common sense. The following is not accusations, nor allegations from what I read and comprehend however my ignant ass has been wrong before.

I didn’t make this mess up read it for yourself on The NC Auditor’s Website



The Town’s former Electric Department Director (Director) inappropriately received $27,770.55 in reimbursements for health insurance payments for his ex-wife after submitting documentation asserting that the health insurance was for him. In addition, payments totaling $16,757.25 did not have taxes withheld as required by law.

Director Misrepresented Documents Submitted for Reimbursement
The Director (current Mayor) received reimbursements from the Town for payments for his ex-wife’s health insurance that he submitted as if it were for his own supplemental health insurance. He originally told investigators that he submitted documentation for payment each month and implied that it was for his health insurance. He later admitted that this documentation was for his ex-wife’s health insurance.

The former Town Manager approved a request from the Director approximately 14 years ago allowing the Director to forgo town-provided health insurance and instead directly receive the amount the Town would have paid for his health insurance premiums. The Director said he already received health insurance coverage as a military retiree and did not need the Town’s coverage. He claimed he intended to use the payment from the Town to purchase a supplemental policy for items that his military insurance did not cover; however, he did not buy a supplemental policy.

Town’s Failure to Withhold Taxes on Health Insurance
The Town failed to withhold taxes on $16,757.25 in payments provided to the Director after his retirement in May 2009. The payments represented the amount the Town would have paid for the Director’s health insurance after retirement if he had accepted the benefit. The Director did not submit reimbursement requests to show he had used the money to purchase health care insurance, meaning the payments should have been reported as income under the rules associated with a so-called non-accountable plan.5


The Town of Tarboro should require the former Electric Director (current Mayor) to repay $27,770.55 in misrepresented reimbursements for his ex-wife’s health insurance.

The Town of Tarboro should implement controls to ensure all benefits paid to employees are accurately recorded and reported in compliance with tax laws.

The Town of Tarboro should require financial arrangements outside of normal procedures to be approved by the Town Council.

5 Non-accountable plan defined—employer’s reimbursement or allowance arrangement that does not meet the following rules (IRS Publication 463):
1. Expenses must have a business connection
2. You must adequately account to your employer for these expenses

Sign The Petition

Rocky Mount NC – Happy 81st Birthday To Mr. & Mrs. William Hobbs

It is an honor and a pleasure to wish my friends Mr. William and Gardenia Hobbs on his 81st birthday. I have to mention both because when you see one you see both of them.

The Hobbs are the same folks I met back in the early 90’s however they have only changed by getting older and wiser.

The Hobbs have always had the best interest for Rocky Mount from the local/statewide government to the local school system although they have no children.

I could go on and on about the Hobbs but their work has spoken for them inspite of the haters.

Again I want to wish my friend Mr. William Hobbs a Happy and Blessed 81st birthday which was on Monday July 28, 2014.