Preacher in the pulpit tells his congregation “F-you”– Christian News

There are preachers who get extra excited in the pulpit and sometimes say things that they should never say. Then, there are some who find creative ways to use the word of God to share a message that might seem surprising, but is powerful and redemptive at the end.  This pastor might have achieved that goal with a recent sermon.  Here is some of what he said to his congregation, which probably raised a few eyebrows in the process: (Source: Read more)

Noble’s attorney says ex-town manager will be cleared – The Tarboro Weekly

Noting the issue was a legal matter, Noble referred questions about the report to his attorney Al Bell of Raleigh.

“We were disappointed by the report,” Bell said Tuesday. “We don’t believe the allegations are well founded. They appear to be based on a set of misconceptions – best way to put it – calculated to raise an emotional response more than an objective assessment of the facts.

“I am confident that when the actual facts are revealed, it will show (Noble) acted appropriately in his duties as town manager.”

Bell said although he had yet to review the entire report, he and his client are looking forward to the additional investigation of the matter by the State Bureau of Investigation.

“We don’t believe there is basis for criminal charges,” Bell said. “The SBI investigation should exonerate Mr. Noble.” (Source: Read more)

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