Rocky Mount NC – Found The Following On The Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Facebook Page SMDH!

In response to: SHOOTING – Dollar General W Raleigh Blvd – Person shot in the parking lot area – Suspect on a Orange Bike – going toward Beaman St

LoriPoythress Donny Gardner
You know if Rocky Mount, Nash, Edgecombe County really wanted to they could put an end to most of this! I talked with someone who told me you couldn’t hardly give a house away in Rocky Mount. I think those elected officials better start doing something. I know it would change if the heat was put where it needs to be.

The Political Agitator response: So what in the hell can be done?

And I also found the following to be quite interesting as well.

James P. Barnes So sad,… but Jesse, Al and Barber are silent on crime like this because it doesn’t benefit their political agenda!

The Political Agitator response: So what in the hell are they suppose to do?

What in the hell are you doing?

What can really be done?

I can read the Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Facebook page but they blocked me from commenting.

America’s Moral Crisis: Rev. Dr. William Barber’s epic speech at the AFT convention – Blue Nation Review (BNR)

“There is a moral crisis in the country”

These are the bold words of Rev. Dr. William Barber who is one of the many faith leaders leading the “Moral Monday’s” campaign in North Carolina. Yesterday Rev. Barber was a keynote speaker at this year’s American Federation of Teachers convention in Los Angeles.

“We are declaring that we will go forward together and not take one step back,” Rev. Barber said in his opening.

Rev. Barber warned everyone of a new moral crisis engrossing our country.

“Whoa unto those who legislate evil, and rob the poor of their rights, and make children and women their prey,” Rev. Barber quoted Isaiah 10:1-2

The basis of the Moral Monday’s campaign is push back against the immoral attempts from right-wing conservatives in North Carolina [and other states] to attack voting rights, worker’s rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, and LGBT rights.

“The same people who are fighting voting rights are fighting women’s rights. The same people who are fighting women’s rights are fighting worker’s rights. The same people fighting worker’s rights are fighting immigrant rights. You and I must be smart enough to hook up, and you ‘hook-up’ with an agenda,” bellowed Rev. Barber.

Click on photo for link to entire story and to watch the video in Los Angeles
The photo below was taken in Raleigh NC at the most recent Moral Monday at the NC General Assembly no I didn’t go to Los Angeles