Tarboro NC – Commissioner Viola Harris Was Attacked On Tarboro 27886 Facebook Page Because Of The Budget Meeting On Monday Night

I attended the County Commissioner’s meeting on Monday night June 30, 2014 and I support the motion that passed in support of a 3.5 % tax increase and no reduction in force which will save services and jobs in this county. The vote was right down the racial lines and it is a damn shame that some folks in this county don’t give a damn about all folks in the county.

I was told the day after the meeting that they were on the Tarboro 27886 Page a couple of days ago running down Viola Harris. I asked was it that Tarboro 27886 page and before they could respond I had gone over there and I had found it. What I found was a good sister from a local church had posted that the pastors and others need to come together for prayer I believe the day before the Monday night meetings.

After the meeting on Monday, the comments began from those who had a problem with the vote. Harris posted if they didn’t like what was going on in the county then they were free to move. Hell I thought that was putting it nicely. I would have said if you don’t like it to get the hell out and now.

So they now want to attack Harris making it appear that she is telling people to leave the county. Again I repeat for the ignant ass folks on Tarboro 27886, them same folks from over there that come on my page and post anonymously but uses their real name over there, you ain’t gonna come over here with that b.s. and think I am going to allow you to say whatever you want. I have to approve your comments over here and I will call your ignant ass out and when I get sick of you, I will not approve your comments and send them to SPAM.

Now I am going to warn you. What you ain’t fitting ready to do is come on my blog and make ignant comments about black folks and/or other folks who make some hard decisions. We have lived through all white boards and commissioners even when we didn’t agree with them and now that the commissioner’s board is a 4-3 black majority, get the hell over it!

I try to go to meetings around the county but not limited to and record them so folks especially those who don’t attend the meetings can watch free from the convenience of your home, office or where ever. I give my spin on the meetings and give you the opportunity to watch and form your own opinion. But what you ain’t going to do is post some ignant comments. As long as you comment with some sense I will approve your comment.

I have had to explain some things to a couple of folks who have been mislead by some folks even some folks who meant well but didn’t understand the whole process as it related to the voting on the motion at the meeting. Once folks get the right information they understand what really happens during meetings. But Ignant Racist Ass White Folks and/or Ignant Racist Ass Safe Negroes will attempt to mess up some stuff by telling half-truths and/or twisting the truth. But I will challenge their ignant asses cause I ain’t a scared black man who are afraid to call them out.

Everybody in the county had the opportunity to go to the meeting on Monday night and to voice their opinion. Now if you didn’t go to the meeting you can watch it here Video/Photos: Edgecombe County Commissioners Passes Budget 4-3 Down Racial Lines Voting For A 3.5% Tax Increase And No Reduction In Force.


13 thoughts on “Tarboro NC – Commissioner Viola Harris Was Attacked On Tarboro 27886 Facebook Page Because Of The Budget Meeting On Monday Night

  1. I’m one of those ignant ass folks on Tarboro 27886 that you are referring to. I won’t pleasure you by engaging in dialogue that serves no useful purpose but only creates barriors. I don’t pretend to know what you or anyone else had to endure with a white majority board. I was away serving my country and
    trying to better myself. Nothing no different than most other people. I left this county in 1980 and chose to come back in 2007. I was glad Ms Ricks called for prayer. We all need it. I disagreed with the tax hike and will never support one. I don’t care what race, national origin, sexual orientation or any other thing you can mention. I only care since it takes money out of my pocket that can be spent on local businesses. Yes, Commissioner Harris in my opinion used a wrong choice of words but she said it. I feel as though she doesn’t appreciate that not everyone in this county agrees with her. You can spin it all you want. Nothing more. Nothing less. We all nothing but thebest for our county.


    • I stand behind what Commissioner Harris said if you are not happy you are free to leave! Nothing to twist because even my ignant ass understood what she said. It is one thing to disagree with the vote and it is another thing attempting to twist what she said instead of quoting her word for word. But that wouldn’t justify your motive. LMBAO!


      • Please tell me how I twisted what she said if her exact quote was on facebook. I’m just an ignant ass as you said but I have a fairly good command of our language. I have only one motive and that is too elect a majority of commissioners who don’t feel the need to tax me or my family to the poor house. I don’t care what they look like or what political party they belong to. Oh and I will make an offer to you. You can pay my tax bill since you supported the increase but better yet buy my property for its assessed value, pay all closing costs and I will leave. Second thoughts I think I will stay here and make this a better place for all of us. Be safe out in the county Mr Dancy and Happy 4th of July. I enjoy your blog.


      • Damn another ignant ass has come over here. Ignant this is not about a County Commissioners Election it ain’t election time so what in the hell are you talking about?

        I am not going to pay a damn thing for you or to you so you can leave, get that! Oh but damn you just confirmed what Commissioner Harris stated that if you don’t like it here you are free to leave. So now you are saying you will stay. Well just like she said you are free to leave hell you are free to stay. Damn I just it when ignant ass folks validate their own ignance!

        You also be safe and have a Happy 4th.

        I enjoy you reading it however my validation of speaking truth to power does not depend on whether you read it or not because there are countless others who read it faithfully. But that does not matter either because I am going to blog until the end whether 1 or 2 people read it. But I have hundreds of followers and get thousands of hits from folks reading my blog across the nation.

        Again you have a Happy 4th caus I ain’t mad with you. I am just speaking truth to power and ask that you and others to just post the truth and not half-truths or twist the truth.




    • Smart man! That is how I operate also. I talk to my representatives however I can not vote for Harris but I recognize and understand that once she and others that I can’t vote for on any board or commission that they represent me as if I voted for them. So if I don’t live in a district I do know others that do and I will share my opinion with them hoping they will consider my opinion when they go to the polls.

      I know you and I know Harris. Just like ya’ll don’t always agree with everything I say, I don’t always agree with everything ya’ll say either and that is not a problem.

      This too will pass!


    • Not so simple Mr Parker. I respect your opinion however one party controls Edgecombe County. The only change that will happen is within that party. Others really have no say in this County except at a National or City level. They can always say they voted. Just my ignant opinion Mr Dancy


  3. The day I’m required to follow any order you give me is…. Well, that day will never come. I’m an intelligent white man and you can’t handle that. Typical lightweight is to try to silence descent rather than engaging their ideas.

    I was at the meeting, friend. I saw you there too but didn’t know it was you until later. A few of my black friends were talking about you and how important you think you are. Too funny!!! Saying how you’re always begging for money when the majority of people couldn’t care less about you or your”work”. I just laughed.

    If the county has money, why raise taxes again?!? I’ll wait for your response.


    • Ignant ass you are showing you follow me by continuously posting here. How ignant!

      You are an ignant ass white man since you don’t realize you are following me by reading my blog. How ignant! It is you who are trying to silence Commissioner Harris. You haven’t shared any ideas ignant! SMDH!

      Now this is too ignant! You say, “I was at the meeting, friend. I saw you there too but didn’t know it was you until later. A few of my black friends were talking about you and how important you think you are. Too funny!!! Saying how you’re always begging for money when the majority of people couldn’t care less about you or your”work”. I just laughed.”

      Now that is too ignant because if that is true then that makes them the Ignant Ass Safe Negroes that I speak of. Begging for money? Another lie I don’t have to beg I work a real job.

      Majority of the people could care less about me or my work! Now that is too ignant because they are the ones who benefit from what I do and my work because I say what they are afraid to say or can not say due to fear of retaliation from the white man oh damn I forgot you said you are a white man their friend. So why in the hell didn’t you tell your white friends that voted against the motion that your black friends needed to keep their jobs.

      Ignant again obviously you were not at the meeting because if you were you would know what money I am talking about that your white friend on the board made the 1st motion to use that money. Nows that’s my response so now you respond back to the money that I speak of.

      Come ignant ass white man tell us what money I am talking about because it is on the video that I recorded at the meeting.

      Since your ignant white ass can’t remember s… I am going to repost the link to the video, https://curmilus.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/videophotos-edgecombe-county-commissioners-passes-budget-4-3-down-racial-lines-voting-for-a-3-5-tax-increase-and-no-reduction-in-force/ to help you find the answer. LMBAO!


  4. People aren’t twisting her words. They’re still on the website for everyone to read. The issue is that an elected official would make such statements rather than encourage folks to work together. It’s the “support me or get out” attitude and it’s juvenile.

    Your mistake is thinking that folks don’t care about the workers if they oppose ANOTHER increase. The people who oppose the increase are for fiscal responsibility and the long term picture. The increase only digs the county into a deeper hole thanks to the Tax & Spend democrats.


    • Post the link. I find nothing wrong with the statement. She didn’t ask anyone to support her when I read it so show me that quote as well.

      Long term my ass you ain’t saying nothing and just a play on words something that ignant ass folks are good at.

      Ignant the county has money so goes to show you that your ignant ass was not at the meeting and/or you have not watched the meeting. One of the white men who voted against the motion made a motion of his own to take the money in a fund that the county has and use it because it has not been used.

      So there you have it your ignant ass don’t even lying again or attempting to mislead folks. Not there on my watch caus I am going to call your IGNANT ASS out.

      So have you moved yet? I am telling you Get the hell out of Edgecombe County if you don’t like it here!

      Now Run & Tell That!


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