SC Restaurant Owner Refuses To Serve Blacks, Cites Religious Beliefs – Forward Progressives

In South Carolina, a BBQ restaurant owner claimed that he was within his rights to refuse service to blacks based on his religious beliefs. In the case brought before the Supreme Court, Maurice Bessinger stated that his religion required him to keep black people from eating in his restaurant, although he was perfectly OK with taking their money, so long as they ordered their food to-go.

And now for you who actually took the time to read the story instead of basing your outrage solely off a headline before sharing with an ALL CAPS blurb of “SEE? I TOLD YOU THE SOUTH WAS FULL OF RACISTS!!!”, this case was heard by the Supreme Court in 1968. (Source: Read more)

Early Voting Began Today Thursday July 3, 2014 For N.C. House District 23 Race Willingham vs Holderness

Shelly Willingham received the most votes against his opponents during the May Primary Election. Rusty Holderness was 2nd runner up, Taro Knight 3rd and Bronson William came in 4th. Because Willingham didn’t receive 40 percent of the votes, Holderness was able to call for a run-off.

Folks you must get out and vote for Willingham on Tuesday July 15. I am going to vote for Willingham because first of all this is a black majority district and Willingham is capable of going to Raleigh and doing the best he can for the people of Edgecombe County but not limited to.

Rocky Mount voters you can go to D.S. Johnson Data Center 600 N. Fairview Road and at the Edgecombe County Administration Building 201 Saint Andrews Street Tarboro NC Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM and 8:00 AM – 1 P. M. on Saturday.

The Run-Off Election or you could say the 2nd Primary will be held on July 15.

I Have Gained Quite A Few Followers Recently So If You Have Not Read My Disclaimer Please Do So!

I appreciate the many followers on my blog, facebook and twitter pages recently. When I post on my blog it automatically post on my facebook and twitter pages.

Please read my DISCLAIMER because you may not want to follow me. I say grown man stuff. I have a 0 tolerance for ignance and I refuse to allow folks to post ignant mess on my blog, facebook and twitter pages. So if you can’t handle it I suggest you unsubscribe and/or unfollow me because I get real ignant at times. But I am ignant for the truth. I don’t have to agree with you opinion however I am in control of my stuff so you will not be able to come over to my place and say what you want if you are ignant wit it.

I welcome comments from anyone as long as you keep it real comment with your comments as long as it is truth.

Again thank you and I look forward to being educated by you if you have some good stuff to share. I am here to be educated and to educate and trust me I am going to educate in spite of being ignant!

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Professional Political Agitator and I am damn good at it!

My Tolerance Level For Ignance Has Reached An All Time Low For The Past 3 Weeks

My tolerance level for ignance has reached an all time low for the past 3 weeks so if you can’t take it don’t dish it out. I am taking names and kicking ass verbally when other folks evil spirits come upon me directly and/or indirectly.

So if you want to show your evil spirits and it come by me you better get ready, get ready because I am not going to allow you to put me or my people in in bondage.

This is not a threat but a promise.

Pinetops NC – Now That The County Commissioners Budget Has Been Passed, Will Edgecombe Public Schools Do The Summer Program At G.W. Carver?

I don’t know and I may be wrong but I would think that since the budget has been passed and it appears the Edgecombe County Public Schools will continue to operate as business as usual without missing a beat. So will the summer program that has been held at G.W. Carver School for several years be able to operate this year? I know it was suppose to begin next Tuesday July 7 but was cancelled due to the budget.

So will the summer program be able to move forward and by possibly moving the begin date to the following week? I sure hope so because this is a much needed program and a program that has been loved by many over the years.

Tarboro NC – Commissioner Viola Harris Was Attacked On Tarboro 27886 Facebook Page Because Of The Budget Meeting On Monday Night

I attended the County Commissioner’s meeting on Monday night June 30, 2014 and I support the motion that passed in support of a 3.5 % tax increase and no reduction in force which will save services and jobs in this county. The vote was right down the racial lines and it is a damn shame that some folks in this county don’t give a damn about all folks in the county.

I was told the day after the meeting that they were on the Tarboro 27886 Page a couple of days ago running down Viola Harris. I asked was it that Tarboro 27886 page and before they could respond I had gone over there and I had found it. What I found was a good sister from a local church had posted that the pastors and others need to come together for prayer I believe the day before the Monday night meetings.

After the meeting on Monday, the comments began from those who had a problem with the vote. Harris posted if they didn’t like what was going on in the county then they were free to move. Hell I thought that was putting it nicely. I would have said if you don’t like it to get the hell out and now.

So they now want to attack Harris making it appear that she is telling people to leave the county. Again I repeat for the ignant ass folks on Tarboro 27886, them same folks from over there that come on my page and post anonymously but uses their real name over there, you ain’t gonna come over here with that b.s. and think I am going to allow you to say whatever you want. I have to approve your comments over here and I will call your ignant ass out and when I get sick of you, I will not approve your comments and send them to SPAM.

Now I am going to warn you. What you ain’t fitting ready to do is come on my blog and make ignant comments about black folks and/or other folks who make some hard decisions. We have lived through all white boards and commissioners even when we didn’t agree with them and now that the commissioner’s board is a 4-3 black majority, get the hell over it!

I try to go to meetings around the county but not limited to and record them so folks especially those who don’t attend the meetings can watch free from the convenience of your home, office or where ever. I give my spin on the meetings and give you the opportunity to watch and form your own opinion. But what you ain’t going to do is post some ignant comments. As long as you comment with some sense I will approve your comment.

I have had to explain some things to a couple of folks who have been mislead by some folks even some folks who meant well but didn’t understand the whole process as it related to the voting on the motion at the meeting. Once folks get the right information they understand what really happens during meetings. But Ignant Racist Ass White Folks and/or Ignant Racist Ass Safe Negroes will attempt to mess up some stuff by telling half-truths and/or twisting the truth. But I will challenge their ignant asses cause I ain’t a scared black man who are afraid to call them out.

Everybody in the county had the opportunity to go to the meeting on Monday night and to voice their opinion. Now if you didn’t go to the meeting you can watch it here Video/Photos: Edgecombe County Commissioners Passes Budget 4-3 Down Racial Lines Voting For A 3.5% Tax Increase And No Reduction In Force.