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  1. I was right (again) and you were wrong (again). Now you’re trying to change the subject. Deal with it, friend.


    • You were right? Hell you came back with a saved post because the author of the original post on Tarboro 27886 removed it. What your ignant ass done was showed that you copied and saved the original post so you could continue to share it with your family and friends to keep s… stirred up trying to prove your half-truth.

      I know the original author is laughing at you because although you are hiding behind anonymous.

      SMDH! Caus I exposed your ignant ass. LMDBAO!

      Thank ya!


  2. I’m always happy to help the mentally challenged. Here ya go, friend.

    (I’ll accept your apology for saying the conversation couldn’t be viewed.)


    • I didn’t say it could not be viewed you just posted a few minutes ago that somebody saved it.

      This is my response that I copied and pasted from the person who started the thread:

      I refuse to be a conduit for others spewing their negative comments, throwing stones, hiding their hands & stomping their feet because they didn’t get their way! A decision was made! Live with it! Start your own thread- mine has been deleted! God is a God of order, not confusion & I’ll have no parts of it! #getittogether 2 Chronicles 7:14 #prayerisinorder

      I love dealing with ignant racist ass folks!


  3. Someone saved the conversation. You can click on it and read the entire thing. Why don’t you call someone to come over and help you use your computer. I’m not a liar, you’re just an idiot.


  4. The entire post is still there, friend. Trouble with basic computer functions?

    Again, saying sometime CAN leave and saying they’re FREE TO leave is the same thing. Boy you’re dense.

    Viola can expect to be voted out during her next election. Then she’ll be free to leave her office. LOLOLOLOL!!!!


    • The post I am talking about is not there because the person that started it deleted it so you are telling a damn lie.

      Hell yeah I am on the DEFENSE to your ignant racist ass lies.

      Ignant she lives in a predominately black district so how are your ignant racist ass going to get enough votes to do it? SMDH! LMBAO!



  5. Again, your reading comprehension skills are abysmal. I said Ms. Harris stated residents could leave, that’s no different than saying they’re free to leave.

    Anyway, for an elected official to have that type of attitude towards citizens she supposedly represents is abhorrent. She knows she got caught, so she removed her comments rather than apologizing and owning her offensive choice of words.

    Lastly, I haven’t posted anything “over there.” If you’re going to call someone a liar you should practice what you preach. This is another example of you running off at the mouth without having a clue of what you’re talking about. You’ll never admit you’re wrong though. Liar.


    • You say, “My reading skills are abysmal.” It is obvious your ignant ass still want to twist words. It is a damn difference in telling someone to do something and saying you are free to do something. Well I am going to tell you in a different way. If you don’t like it here, get the hell out. Yeah I said it and you can twist it however the hell you please.

      Got caught? Not! Unless I didn’t see it, the entire post was removed so here you go twist lying. Yep you are the same one that I called an ignant ass liar. Apologize? For what! Nothing apologize for.

      Hiding behind anonymous you can say anything so I ain’t going there with you ignant ass. Hell you could say you have never posted here but I know better.

      Now Run & Tell That!

      I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it!


  6. Viola Harris is being attacked on Facebook because she said citizens could leave Edgecombe if they didn’t like how things are being done.


    • You are telling an Ignant Ass Lie!

      I tried to find the post on Tarboro 27886 but it must have been removed. I like to copy and paste the original but I think I will be close.

      Viola Harris said if you don’t like it here then you are free, for your ignant ass I repeat she said you are free to move. You signed your name over there but signed anonymous here. Take that B.S. back over to Tarboro 27886 because I am not going to approve your future lies over here.

      Now Run and Tell That! Ignant Ass!


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