Tarboro NC – Edgecombe County Public Schools Facing Huge Cuts Edgecombe County Board Of Commissioners Meets Monday June 30, 2014

Proposed cuts in the local appropriation by the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners could result in the loss of the ECPS teacher supplement and upwards of 50 staffing positions in 2017.

ECPS has been recently notified that the commissioners’ proposed budget (which will be voted on Monday, June 30, 2014) includes a $260,000 decrease in local funding. ECPS has since submitted the proposed local decrease into its low wealth funding formula provided by the State Department of Public Instruction.

The purpose of low wealth funding is to provide supplemental funds in counties that do not have the ability to generate revenue to support public schools (per a legislated formula) at the state average level. The funding is to allow those counties to enhance the instructional program and student achievement.  ECPS received over 3.5 million dollars in low wealth funding this past school year.

Low wealth funding formulas are based on the local appropriation from the commissioners. The county cut ECPS’s local appropriation last year by $318,052. If the county cuts the local appropriation (again) from $6,666,857 to $6,406,854 (by $260,000), then ECPS would lose ALL low wealth funding in 2017-18. In other words, if the county cuts ECPS $260,003 this year, this would actually be cutting an additional 3.5 million dollars for the 2017-18 academic year. (ECPS has conferred with NCDPI several times to confirm the accuracy of the figures.)

Low wealth funding is currently allocated in the following categories including 50 employees:  Teacher supplements, Technology technicians (7), Central office clerical (10), School bookkeepers (13), Data managers (14), School clerical (5), 1.5 Guidance counselor, 1 Media Certified staff, Substitute teachers, and School allotments for supplies.

If the commissioners support the $260,000 in cuts, this would be devastating to our teachers, students and parents.

The meeting of the Board of Commissioners is Monday, June 30th at 7:00 p.m. at 201 St. Andrews Street in Tarboro.

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