Here I Go Again, Help A Brother Out!

While most folks are moving on to Tablets well I can’t. I have to have laptops to be able to make DVD’s and to use the software Corel and Livestream to put my videos on The DCN TV. Because I can’t afford to pay for the Livestream Premium Services, I am limited to Livestream features. My videos are not accessible on mobile devices.

Last year I had to replace 2 camcorders and I purchased 1 new one but I was unable to dub copies to my portable DVD player whereby I can make DVD’s anywhere, in my car or where ever I have access to an outlet. Since George Fisher, the one responsible for setting up my most recent blog and The DCN TV, I gave him that camera because he can dub our work on the computer.

I went online and I was able to purchase 2 used camcorders just like the 2 that I had that are no longer working.

Now one of my 2 laptops is no longer working and it is time to replace it.

Friends, associates and enemies I am seeking donations to help with purchasing a new laptop and to help with other expenses such as purchasing of DVDs, ink for printer, SD Cards for taking photos on my photo camera, gas and etc. I video and take photos of meetings and all other events and etc. I believe that we must capture history via video and photo.

I don’t advertise videos because I am not in the business of videoing for money. I video because I love what I do capturing history and making it available to others on The DCN TV for free because some folks don’t have the time to attend meetings and etc.

Tomorrow June 8, 2014 I plan to try to cover more events in the Tarboro area since the Daily Southerner has shut down.

All donations can be mailed to Curmilus Dancy @ P.O. Box 1391 Pinetops, North Carolina 27864.

Thanking you in advance.

Originally posted: June 14, 2014 10:30 AM


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