Homegoing Celebration For Ada Beatrice Shaw Princeville NC

My condolences goes out to Joe Kent Shaw and the family of the late Ada Beatrice Shaw Princeville, NC.

Joe Shaw is a co-worker and friend we have been working together for the past 27 years. I didn’t know his mom but Joe is alright with me. Know that anything I can do video the services and whatever that I am available.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: It’s All In His Hands & Great Is Thou Faithfulness – Bishop Bruce Parham

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I Have To Do What I Have To Do

Recently I posted asking for a donation for the work I do Dancy Communications Network and I have received only one in the amount of $25.00. I ain’t mad because actually I don’t like asking for donations anyway. But because I do so much work for free and making it available for others free that I don’t feel I am asking too much. But because of my sacrifices, I strongly feel the Lawd continues to make a way for me out of no way. If he don’t do anything but wake me up in the morning and start me on my way to be able to work and to do community service to those who appreciate the work I do and even those who are ungreatful. It does not matter.

I have 2 laptops, 2 video camcorders and I need 2 Photo cameras but only have one. I have 2 portable DVD Burners where I can make DVDs on the spot if I don’t have to go home and edit what I record.

Earlier this year I had to purchase 2 camcorders.

I received a new laptop this week that I have ordered off line.

I am going to continue to do what is in my heart so it does not matter if I receive any donations or not. I will continue to struggle and do the best I can but I ain’t going to quit.

Why We Vehemently Defend President Obama!

Hell yeah I agree! Hell even some others and myself have experienced some things because we are not afraid to speak truth to power. Some folks are not and never will accept intelligent black men knowing their place in this society. They can relate to the black man who shows himself ignant and other negatives but they better wake the hell up because all black men ain’t the same and some of us will not allow others to paint a picture of who they want us to be. We will not be a slave to no man because we know who we are and whose we are! And while they disrespect us and all the below, "STILL WE RISE!"


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