Lawd Ham Mercy I Feel Good!

And would I be sure? Fred G. Sandford

God is good!

Have been experiencing some things recently and although I don’t serve him as I should, God has been so good to me. I have no doubt that he will bring me out no matter what test I may be put through.

Nobody told me the road would be easy. But I don’t believe he brought me this for to leave me.

And then I also mix it up with a R & B song that I heard on the radio, “I Ain’t Worried Bout Nothing!”

I will let nothing and nobody turn me around because I come too far from where I started from.

I Feel Noways Tired by Rev. James Cleveland.

Wilson NC: Gardner launches bid, lands attack – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator Response: Damn this article is so full of bull manure that it actually stinks from abroad. Damn these ignant racist ass white folks need to get the hell over Sheriff Calvin Woodard is an intelligent black man.

Joey Gardner kicked off his campaign for Wilson County sheriff Thursday evening at the Wilson County Fairgrounds.

Cutting into Wilson’s drug trade as well as the sheriff’s salary were top topics for Gardner.

Gardner, who wore a shirt that read "Gardner — Sheriff Wilson County,” greeted each person coming in and he had a house full by 6:30.

Gardner promised the crowd to cut his own salary if elected.

The Republican Gardner faces incumbent Democrat Calvin Woodard in November.

He said he understands Wilson County commissioners make the decision on how much the sheriff makes, but he won’t take that much of a salary. (Source: Read more)

Wilson NC: Wilson Was voter ID accepted early in Wilson? State investigates new complaint – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator Response: Good job Zette McArn and Bob James this is democracy at it’s best. We all must be engaged making sure the voting process is carried out properly leaving no voter behind.

The N.C. Board of Elections is investigating a complaint they received Tuesday alleging a precinct judge accepted voter IDs from residents in the November election.

Voter IDs laws don’t go into effect until 2016.

The complaint included a screen capture of a Facebook post reportedly from Bobby Pittman from November that stated, "Worked a predominately black precinct as a judge this past election in Wilson County. Many are already presenting their IDs with no negative recourse. Of course, I took their ID to vote.”

The precise intentions are not clear by what is written in the post and Pittman did not respond to requests to interview him.

Pittman was removed a day earlier as a precinct worker by the Wilson County Board of Elections due to an incident from the May primary not related to the voter ID complaint. In that complaint, Pittman presided as precinct chief judge as a Wilson registered voter wasn’t able to vote on his watch and then not given a provisional ballot. (Source: Wilson Times)

Rocky Mount NC – Crime, Parents Which Is Better? You Have Options

So parents if you know your children are committing crimes know that 2 things may happen. You may loose them to the following so which is better?

1. Your child may kill someone and you will lose them.

2. Your child may get killed and you will lose them.

So again which is better?

For me neither is better!

You have 2 options.

1. You can talk to law enforcement about your child.

2. You can talk to the funeral home about your child.

If you choose to talk to the funeral home, then that is your choice and you will have to live with it.

If you are a real parent and you love your children, you will do what is best for your children. If you choose to do nothing, then you are just as damn guilty as your children because you have failed them not the white man, not law enforcement, not the elected officials and damn sure not me.

This sums it up so therefore there is no need for anymore candlelight vigils and meetings for political pimps, religious pimps and whomever to host to say all of these pretty words that ain’t gonna do a damn thing but give the news media something extra to report. They are going to report crime whether it be your child committed a crime or your child was a victim of crime. Hell that is enough attention that should trigger all of those whom may know something to tell it.

Parents how many more children do you have to see in the news committing crime and/or getting killed for you to get the message?

Why do you have to wait for it to hit home for you to be a believer?

Parents I stopped by to tell you that hell yeah it is real you ain’t dreaming, so you better wake the hell up and save your children because it ain’t nothing I can do. However I know somebody that can do something and that is law enforcement and that is the option I beg you to choose.

Now I have done all I can do and that is give you some advice that you may not want to hear. But guess what in case you have forgot? You have options!

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Professional Political Agitator and I am damn good at it!

Note: For those who have been asking what I think about crime in Rocky Mount, so there you have it straight up and not sugar coated.

Crime in Rocky Mount NC

I think it makes no sense but it is real. Those who are participating in the crime are the only ones who can bring it to an end.

I will not attend another vigil or anything of such going through another motion of pretty words while accomplishing nothing.

When those who are committing crimes say enough is enough then things will change.

When the parents, family members, friends and all concerned folks say enough is enough and begin to report crime things will change.

I am sick and tired of some folks wanting to blame the white man. They say the local leaders are not doing anything. I say what in the hell can they do? Some folks always talking about what the leaders ain’t doing but what are they doing?

Some would say they can’t do it by themselves. Well what are you doing? Obviously whatever you claim you are doing ain’t working.

Folks who want to blame the elected officials, law enforcement and local leaders you better wake the hell up because while you are focusing on these folks, the crime continues. I have not seen in the news where any of those you blame are going to jail or on the most wanted list.

When you wake up and figure out who the real criminals are, then you need to ask yourself what can you do along with others.

Now Run and Tell That! But make sure you tell them to read what I said so my words will not get twisted.

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it with my ignant ass.