Princeville NC – Sources Say Princeville Will Vote On A Town Manager On Friday & Also Possibly Shutting Down The Town Police Department

As I was at the Moral Monday in Raleigh NC my alarm sounded on my phone letting me know that it was 2 hours before the Princeville Town Hall meeting. Well I can’t be in 2 places at the same time and since I had not been able to attend a Moral Monday I was where I wanted to be. Although it is my desire to capture all of the history as it relates to the Princeville Town Hall meetings, since I do what I do out of pocket, I get to choose where and when I want to go and set up my equipment to capture any history. Monday it was the Moral Monday.

I have spoken to a couple of resources and I was told that the town discussed they were ready to hire a much needed town manager. They are also looking at shutting down the Police Department which will be a cost savings of $80,000 a year but they will pay the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department $214,000 a year.

I plan to attend the next meeting if it be during a time that does not interfere with my real job and/or a previous event that I have on my schedule.

The mayor Bobbie Jones campaigned on making Princeville great again along with the other commissioners and the people. I am quite sure LGC has looked at some things that will help the town so will the people be receptive to what is good for the town per what may be perceived as tradition.

Actually the people are responsible for the shape that Princeville is in because the majority of those who voted, voted in the previous commissioner and they allowed former Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, former Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Andrews-Purvis and Commissioner Calvin Sherrod to take the town governmental leadership to an all-time low. 

I normally give my spill on what take place during the town meetings when I do my photo and video presentations capturing the meetings but this time I would like to hear your feedback on what do you think about shutting the police department.

Reminder! I am The Political Agitator And I Am Damn Good At It Because I Know Who I Am And Whose I Am!

Some folks would call my professionalism being The Political Agitator as dragging folks down. However there is a difference in holding folks accountable for their actions versus dragging folks down. In my line of business it is more of exposure of folks who are trying to discredit and or oppress certain folks. And because I am not afraid to call them out, many have tried to drag me down with their lies trying to discredit me.

Because I have no problem with being held accountable for my actions, it has been many folks who have failed over the years as they have tried to discredit me and actually have been my stepping stone and my motivation. You see I welcome the challenge because I enjoy challenge while many folks can’t handle what some look at as beat up, beat down and other negatives. It ain’t what it look like and at the end of the day, I am victorious. I have the victory no matter what the outcome and I feel good about it.

I know who I am and whose I am. I feel strongly that all folk have a purpose and my purpose is to be a voice for the voiceless. Many times I have been picked out to be picked on but God. And to that end, enough said because I will continue to do his will because he has always directed my path and feed me the information from those around me even those who some would call their enemy. But I look at them differently because they are the one who are responsible for me being the STRONG MAN I am today. So I say thank you to all folks who have been a part of my life no matter what role they have played.

Once one has had a personal engagement with me, they are never the same because they find out just who I am, my purpose for being. However some are still in denial and/or don’t give a damn and that’s okay. But one thing about it, it does not matter because I know they look at me differently.