At The Head Of Her Class, And Homeless– NPR

The Political Agitator Response: Goes to show we can be good at whatever we do if we just stay focused. Awesome!

On Wednesday, Rashema Melson will graduate at the top of her class as the valedictorian of Anacostia High School in Washington, D.C. She’s headed to Georgetown University this fall on a full scholarship.

Melson has excelled at her homework — but for the past six years, she hasn’t had a home to do that work in. She currently lives in the , along with her mother and two brothers. The shelter houses up to 300 adults and 500 children and has for its poor conditions. (Source: Read more)

Black teen says teacher told him to say ‘Yes sir, master’ – The Grio

The Political Agitator Response: And some folks think that this can’t be. Folks better wake the hell up.

White tells the Des Moines Register’s Lee Rood his teacher Shawn McCurtain asked the class to move downstairs to take an economics final exam.

White replied “Yes sir,” but he claims McCurtain replied, “You meant to say ‘Yes sir, master.’”

The incident, which occurred in May, left the college-bound senior considerably hurt and his mother calling for action.

According to the Register’s report, the school district is not denying the incident happened. White’s mother, Nicholle, claims McCurtain called her to apologize and referred to the comment as an attempt to be “humorous.”

It’s unclear what disciplinary action was pursued by the school district, because the information is “confidential under state law.” (Source: Read more)

Authorities warn about suspicious vehicles stalking motorists – Rocky Mount Telegram

Edgecombe County deputies are warning residents to beware of suspicious vehicles following individuals, adding two victims nearly were run off the road by the suspects.

The first incident happened around 11:30 p.m. May 13 when a man reported he was at U.S. 64 bypass at U.S. 64 Alternate when two vehicles followed him from the off-ramp onto the bypass.

“One of the vehicles was silver in color and had mirror-type tint on the windows. This car pulled alongside him and toward him, trying to get him off the road,” a press release states. (Source: Read more)

Judge strikes down some Legislative Building rules – News & Observer

RALEIGH, N.C. — Protesters, lobbyists and lawmakers alike should soon be free to put signs on sticks and talk, shout, or sing as loud as they’d like in the halls of the Legislative Building.

A Superior Court judge in Wake County on Friday struck down some of the new rules for the Legislative Building that were enacted last month following dozens of "Moral Monday" protests that resulted in the arrests of more than 900 people.

Judge Carl Fox said some of the rules the Legislative Services Commission adopted last month for the building where the General Assembly meets are overly broad and vague, including one that prohibited sounds that hindered someone’s ability to have a conversation in a "normal tone of voice" and one that banned signs attached to sticks. It’s uncertain when Fox will sign the ruling and whether it will apply to next week’s "Moral Monday" rally.  (Source: Read more)