Bibbs case still pending; elections complaint withdrawn – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator Response: Again I ask is it worth all of this? Why not just let it go and move on? I understand Bibbs passion and interest in running for a political office. I have advised many friends on their timing for running and some listened and some didn’t, those who did, did the right thing and those who didn’t ran and lost. Well my question still is, where is Bibbs so-called friends because obviously they ain’t his real friends. I just asked my good friend George Fisher 2 days ago had he seen or heard from Bibbs.

Attorney Mark Bibbs’ suit against the city of Wilson is still pending and an election complaint about his Douglas Street residency has been withdrawn.

Wilson residents David Speight and George Leach filed a complaint with the Wilson County Board of Elections in April challenging Bibbs’ residency at 105 Douglas St. On May 19, two weeks after the Democratic primary, Speight and Leach withdrew their complaint, said Rena Morris, Wilson County Board of Elections director.

“The two gentlemen that filed the complaint have withdrawn it,” Morris said.

Bibbs made an unsuccessful bid for House District 24 in the May 6 primary against Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield. Bibbs claims that questions about his residency and the timing of a failed March property inspection played a major role in him losing the race. (Source: Read more)

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